Thursday, November 26, 2009

have i forgotten

have i forgotten how much important,
those which were put aside
left alone in their fights
making struggle with an unwanted sight

have i forgotten
the sense of time
devouring the essence of life
slowly we are left blind

have i forgotten
the pleasure of love
receiving and giving

have we all forgotten
the real world
wearing that fake expression
asking for empathy

have we all forgotten
how respect and comfort are gained
thus our minds flew into the midst
of a gray sky of dawn

must we forget
the surroundings of warmth
the sense of touch
while we were lifted up

the fear of leaving
the pain of deceiving
for we are the living

the ones beside us
out them into trust
believe as we must

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Line revived, and the dead rises again...!!!

After being disconnected for such a long time and leaving this space untouched', now i will start infesting the net with my' crap again..

Basically, i have been gone for so long is because that i am lazy and do not bother to update anything.. and also for minor reasons; the internet line at my place was not working at all... dammit... due to some dumb project by our beloved Jabatan Kerja Ringan' that took moths to patch up a hole which is probably the size of a 'jamban' !!!! walao.... how hard is it to fill up a hole that size? just visit that hole for a week and start shitting on it...viola..hole filled.

Owrite... just let bygones be bygones.. throughout the numerous months of my disappearance
, i have been activating my self into "duracell" mode and became really active in the great "MMS" society. Thus by doing so, has enabled me to fill in the empty slot of 'internet-less' in my itty-bitty heart. The society has been planning on a massively cool event called the "halloween Massacre Night" and as time goes on together with the joint-venture with the IPRMSA (dont ask what it stands for...sorry) club, we got to experience real-time ass aching' event organizing. as the saying goes; NO PAIN< style="color: rgb(0, 204, 204);">Clements band called "Pop The Cherry" as the vocalist, and trust me.. i suck like hell man... but luckily all the band members were all very cool and chilling when it comes to jamming, but the real fear is yet to befall upon us...arrghhhh** and we cant afford to screw-up for the upcoming performance. I am now practicing four songs everyday in my car and also in my dreams just to get myself prepared for the big day..... everytime i think of it...and understanding my own limitations, i fear of letting down the whole band down if i were to screw up...knn!! sibeh jialat owhh!! first thing.. Clement the drummer will stick the drum sticks into whatever hole he can find on me, then Andrew the basist will start 'Slapping' me into bits, Ledwina the keyboardist will make me swallow her keyboard, Weng Yew the lead guitarist will shove his guitar into my (use your own imagination**) and finally the Big Bro Mr. Lai the Rhythm Guitarist will choke slammm~~ me to hell...

Thus in my tombstone, epitath; " He sang , not too well. Like a pussy humming in a well"

I was also helping out as much as i can in organizing the Halloween Massacre Night, i got to dress up as a "slightly" plump Joey Jordison together with Clement wearing a full head perverto' clown'o mask and performing some guerilla marketing on the Halloween event. it was kinda fun scaring the shit out of students in help during DAY TIME!!! can you believe that? but we manage to get loads of attention and some even took pictures with us... actually without my mask, i'm more scarier~!! we also did a Busking Session Accoustic Jam Session in order to raise fund for the Halloween Event, and we got around RM300++ in two hours.. thanks to all the effort poured out by all the MMS members.

Now everthing for the event has kick-started by it's own and it will just be a matter of time for it to take shape, thanks god that i was given a chance to work with such fabulous 'Monstrous Minions Scums' of hell that i dare and most of all feel proud to call them brothers and sisters. Tribute to the 'Monstrous Minions of Scums' family : thanks to Joanna James-ah-long, Aliyyah Nuha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Apan Zha-fran-toyol, Daniel chan-lan-dou, Clement dup-dup Chiang~!!, Ledwina In da house', Calvin Khong wei lian, Abygayle-andy, Luc-hansem, Sara liyana-na-na~~na, Ja jaBinks, Shermaine chan suet-suet, Amira lawa, Andy-gayle, Tanya-ma-ma, Rae'chong' o' sunshine, Lisa ma-ma mia, Jessica-snappy-snappy, Debbie-piggy, Shari-coffee-ti, Michelle lee-penang, Michelle Mae sau-sau, Ian-box-bearer, and all the other friends and family that supported us.. Tinne, Riz, and geng!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Just because i visited his blog~....

Dearest Clement.
I _know___ you.
You have a nice __friend (me)____.
You make me __drive from klang to yam cha____.
You should __come to klang and yam cha_____.
Someday I will _have a musical journey with you____.
You + me = __buddies lo______.
If I saw you now I'd __write a song with you________.
I want to ___jam again with_____ you.
I would build a __toilet_____ just for you.
If I could sing you any song it would be ___hotdog______.
We could ___look freaking damn gay _______ under the stars.

____KNN william___________

(P.S. __kanina, we must finish composing the song man..____________.)

Oh and I am __going________ (going/not going) to post this under my notes and see what you write about me.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today is the 25th of June 2009, my birthday and the day the world received another wonderful being!

i have received a lot of wishes from a lot of friends, and not to mention my sisters that took care of my breakfast, lunch and dinner today, each of them decided to cook something for me today. so i have all three meals covered for the day, Hahaha..i dont have to cook my self now..

Now i am lying my arse around in my room, watching movies and also writing this post. I also received one wonderful present from my best-friend "MIKE LAU"..

he made a testimonial post, a commemorative piece about me. i was very touched by it!! i did not expect that someone will do something like this for me. Surely is my best friend! If i were a girl i will marry you man!..hahahahaha too bad i'm straight!
Check out his post:

Yesterday my bosses from Quickrelease Adventures also gave me a surprise celebration, i was deceived to go help my boss "melody" to shift her house. We did a little shifting of boxes and also fixed a few racks, after that, her dad fixed us a wonderful lunch and we hung out in the TV room.... and Melody and Adele said they wanted to go do something.... and while watching TV and laughing at some nostalgic-TVB-show, i heard "happy birthday to you...."

Hahahahaha.. i really did not expect that at all!!! they are the best and the most friendliest bosses i had ever had! the cakes were nice and tasty!

Like every year, birthdays are always the better.. they improve through friends and also family, without them.. my existance is nothing significant to celebrate at all.. Thanks to you all for what i am!

Friday, June 19, 2009


Whooo.... finally all the hustle and bustle was starting to leave me..
i am so happy for a few things here! one: jin stays with me and we tok kok everynight!
two: tomorrow Yokie, Susan and the Chan brothers (dalan & Justin) are coming down to makan-makan in klang with me and mikey.
We are going to sacrifice a pig and some sushi tomorrow..

I finally feel relieved from a few events after having them done..

now i will just wait for tomorrow.. bkt & sushi...

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sueeyyyy ahhhhhh !!!!! ( in canto means BADDD LLUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!)

This year my car has failed me and also cost me loads of cash and time, haih... i guess my "Blue Monster" is beginning to demand for some serious rest and also new spare parts..
Blue Monster : "i demand a vacation now!! give it to me William!! you ass!!"

Last month i have just spent in about rm 400 in fixing the leakage in it's brake's main pump, then two weeks later, the brake hub of the left rear wheel broke into a few pieces, causing my car to sound as though there were something constantly knocking behind.. like there were someone trapped in the back booth~~ scary shit there man..

Then recently.. last friday to be more precise, as i was going through my normal routine before i get to college or work every morning, i will spend some time at the petrol station near Jusco Bukit raja, just to fill in some fuel, check the water level on the radiator, check the engine oil level... then i will continue my journey.. and every time i will also make damb sure that i will close the front boot tightly and make sure that it is secure. This time was not an exception also, i was sure it closed nice and tight!

While i was driving on NKVE at the third lane with the speed of around 130 km/j (Kilometres per hour), my front boot suddenly flew open and up it goes!! ramming right into my front windscreen and bringing thousands of razor sharp glass shards towards me!! good god, i was fast enough to evade the wave of glass shooting into the car by dodging downwards, everthing happened in less then 2 seconds... man oh man.. that was a shock that i didnt get for quite some time now...

Visibility was zero due to the front boot covering up the whole windscreen, i quicly punched on the emergency signal and slow down my car, making sure the cars behind notice my stop. i quickly went down and pushed the booth down and drove to the emergancy lane far left.. there i cleaned my self up, get rid of all the glass shards, and while i was doing it, the highway patrol was kind enough to offer me some help in cleaning up the glasses, it was serious to make sure that the front boot and the dashboard was clean from pieces of glass to aviod any further injuries to my face or eyes while i drive home.. i tied the booth with some metal wires i got from the highway patrol and thanked them on ly way back... i took me more than 2 1/2 hours to start moving home.. walao..
and i can only drive like 60 km/j on my way home.. and i finally know how it fells like when driving a "convertible" car-the ones with no roof on top, but this time.. only without a front windscreen....

the front view of my car... the boot is already bent, cant close anymore

the front portion of the dashboard, paint came off and dented.

with this accident, i missed my first assignment for feature writing class, and also miss work on the same day... walao.. dam Sueeeeeyyyyyy ahhhhh!!!!!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

A few more pictures..

I find now that i moved on from using my 'old-school' pen to using a mouse, now i am slowly improving in my 'mouse-drawing' skills.. and i dont have to waste ink-and paper also... here's a few more in which i have created the last few days..

a portrait of Jim Root from Slipknot

a self portrait

Monday, May 11, 2009


Recently i had been too busy to update my blog..haih... more or less chat in msn.. so this is what have been happening to me recently:

After exams, went straight to perform my internship at an event organising company in Damansara, Taman Tun.. walao... still need to drive like going to college. But nevermind, the boss there are very nice and also eager to teach me all the stuffs that they have in their sleeves.. during the workiing time till now "in which i am slacking off to write this post" the job has been interesting. here are the few things we did recently:

1) been to UPM, UM and UNITEN for meetings with the people there.
2) Database collection of previous events.
3) went to look for race tracks for upcoming events.
4) Reply emails for the participants that registered..
5) Went makan in plenty other new places!

the nearest upcoming event will be on June, it will be a run sponsored by a power plant company called 'Malakoff', and the event will be held at and my boss are planning to taste the famous 'Rasa Sayang International Buffet' there..woohoo..

The second thing that i have been up to recently is my car a.k.a "blue monster", though it is not that monstrous, but for me, it is the best car ever... recently "Blue Monster" has been complaning with some additonal sound that it has been giving off, so i went down to his belly to see what happened and to my surprise! blue monster's "lower arm" need to be replaced, therefore i brought it to the workshop and start dissasembling and fixed it during one of the weekends.. after that i brought it to the tyre shop to change a new set of tyres and got it's 'allignment' tuned, and Viola!! smooth driving..... but three days ago "Blue Monster" gave me a shock again, this time it gave out some tremendous sound on the left-rear wheel.."BUMMMPP!!" ..scary man..... so i wanted to fix it the next day..but i caught a cold and it came with a fever..bad luck..

but i managed to send it to the workshop again and to my surprise!, when the wheel hub was removed, the brake plates were broken into pieces and the hub's inner part was damaged badly..brake pump..goner..
so i gotta get it fixed tomorrow after work..haih..

the third thing is that, i have another responsible recently, i need to upgrade my friend's laptop..just add ram to it.. it was Candy's laptop.
she will be gone for a whole week to Taiwan, and i am supposed to get it done for her, but the bad news is.. i cant do it for her..i only managed to help her install the antivirus that she needed and also clear her laptop of rubbish.. basically to make the laptop work faster.. but time is not on my side, walao.. everytime is finish work, got home..the computer shop is closed, weekends: "dont even dream of driving into Klang Town".. guess it's gonna be "sorry candy" for her..

Recently also i have been trying hard to organise a 'one-day-trip' for my friends, and i did..but sadly just a few of them that acted as a 'sport' to reply my messages..haih... please la "brudders & sistas"...holidays are at it's end time to play dy la??

Recently i have no time during weekdays, and no rest during weekends......

but i manage to find some time in working out my designing skills on a freeware called, it is similar to photoshop but i find it more suiting to my style... If you wonder why i even bother to learn all these designing stuffs, it's because i felt that i am left behind. nowadays alot of people/artist work very well with photoshop and they can create really good stuff with it.... i realise that pencil and paper will be overruled by these digital tools.. and do realise that i mean 'create' is not by copy and pasting photo's then edit them, my definition of creation is from a blank page, drawing using the mouse, starting with line and end with a picture. By this, i can still be able to maintain the "old-school'ness" in i did a few sample designs already, abstract ones.. and slowly improving myself in the process, and i am quite satisfied...hehehe..

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Man.. this semester i had created three short movies:
1st short movie : Moonlight Euphoria
-it was basically about a guy that took drugs for once in his life and ruined not only his life, but he also screwed up his friends life. It is just a short film (8 mins) to show that how drugs can actually change what we are in the matter of just one night. The transition of the main characters mind into his hallucinations and etc.. it's a bit "artsy-fartsy" la... thaks to the friends that helped out on this short film : Apan Zhafran, Mike Lau, Vincent Voo, Anson, Lau Yang, Benny Ng, Khor Keen Loke, Suren Karrapiah, Nisha Mohanna and Ally Tort.

2nd Short clip : Multimedia Society promotional video
a short clip me and my members decided to make in order to promote our newly established 'Multimedia Society' in hope of creating awareness amongst the students in my uni. the promotional video was shown during the 'Help Film Festival'. thanks to numerous people that made this video happen which includes : Apan Zhafran, Isabelle Lim, Eliza Wong, Jeremy, Aliyyah Nuha, Joanna James, Isaac, Sara Liyana, Rae Chong, Naim, Darimi Luc', Shari, Michelle Lee and Calvin Khong.

3rd advertisement : Tourism Malaysia advertisement
a short advertisement done for my 'Advertising' class.. this one here is the killer!! I DIDNT KNOW HOW DUMB I LOOK ON SCREEN!!! man... this one here is kinda bodo hahahaha ( i mean me inside it) the advertisement is to promote the new campaign "Visit Malaysia lah.." and it is to urge and tell the local malaysians that we caan still go for holiday during this economical recession period. a simple straight to the point ad of (1.01 mins) my team mates in this project are Sara Liyana, Jaharah Kamaruddin, and Shermaine Chan.. thanks to them in making this happen!

here's our poster for the ad campaign, nicely done by Sara!

meanwhile i have only uploaded one of these three videos, i will continue uploading when i get back later in the evening.. now i need to go for my advertising presentation for the 3rd video, "tourism Malaysia" wish me luck man......

Sunday, April 5, 2009


If you would've understood more, if you choose to..
The ones around, plays the perfect stage...
A stage so small yet, of your own.
the world as you see, wasn't true..
the world as you see, circulates you...
what more are we, than mere specs?
mere specs, for you:
Tainted with ignorance..'
We offer our selves,
you took us for granted,
Assumed that you deserve us,
we let you be.. yet what you see in us?
fire wood, when you're cold?
as how you burned off our souls...
mildly for your comfort,
that "pitiful life" you choose to dwell in.
Stop the voices! as they continue,
shredding our hearts,
drowned away our love for you,
pierced the very souls we've left,
breaking the oars which paddles our bonds.
why do you not choose to be it?
At least you can choose to learn it..
Yet, we know you too well,
as how you display yourself higher,
expected all to understand, and in irony:
are we then.. part of your understanding?
I will worship it, if it could stop the voices.
i care less, if i spend my life in an asylum,
as long as the voices are gone,
i will treasure it:
if it could predict the future...
then it would be yours: ...
alone as you are without us...
in the corner, weeping off tears of silence...
will choose to continue your present madness..
as you choose to infect voices in our heads now..
the tears of silence will be your partner.
you can try to scream then,
only the echo of your voice you'll get... why?
for the voices have deafen those ears,
that once stood close to you..
the cries of anguish, will get no replies.
it will save you from your voices...
save you from being far away..
save you by keeping you quiet..
save you... so we can be there..
i trust you have eyes to see...
but your sight is limited to it only, eyes...
therefore we are not visible enough to you..
we are a blur to your limited vision..
as you shove us aside with your walking stick..
but yet we still hope everyday,
hope for your third eye to be opened..
your third eye...
at least once, open it to see us..
at least once, open your heart..

Monday, March 23, 2009

Creating/ executing.>

In this beautiful month of march , shall mark the birth of a new Society called the "multimedia society" in HELP Uni.

Me, Joanna and Alliyah came out with this idea at first last year and decided to take over the 'long since dead' "comminucation frontier" club, and now the dream has been realised.. all thanks to Zan also, our Lecturer and Advisor for the society now..

we already got our own studio fixed and the basic equipments are there for us to shoot a film and also to start a news reporting crew.. and now we are working our asses to register the club, and hopefully tomorrow we can get things settled.

Me, Al and Jo has been running like hell for the past few weeks to prepare all the necessary things and also to recruit people that are suitable, man... it sure is hectic!

We have our eyes on some students in HELP that we know' and sure of', suitable for this infant society. We need the society to grow, not for us but for the B comm students in HELP, we believe that this is the only society alive in the current status for the Bcomm students in HELP.

I had created a promotional video now for an official introduction to the public on this society's birth.. hopefully all will go well, for we have poured immense effort in giving birth to it..

we are also very excited and thankful that we recieved a huge amount of support from our friends and also the now', new' committee members.., they are all very cool..!!!! each gave their fullest in support and also sacrificed their time to make this society a success!!

now whats left i to have a final meeting with the committee members this wednesday and do the final touches, and hopefully we can get the first ever general meeting on!!

we just need more people to join in our society now.. woohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching back on old shits...

Whoah man!! after so long that i left my blog untouched... and now i touch again....

i was really busy for the past month.. been doing assignments and other stuffs, dammit, we cant blame others or give stupid reasons if we cant get things done on time.. some people choose to blame others for the shit they step on, but i choose to blame myself for not looking at where i step.. hahaha, gone for such long time and now giving sissy philosophy!!hahaha guess i do deserve the TKK title given by 'ah chan'.

Alright, to catch back on time... the beginning of march, i had been planning on my assignment for my movie, and editing the second half of it... from where i left the story on my previous post. the shooting continued in my house, my room and also my backyard... reduce, reuse and recycle..

once again, i force labor my friends to work for free in my movie, as the crew and also the talents.. it was very well done, and everything went on smoothly as planned... and one of the actors Mike was MIA, cus he has to go back to seremban, therefore i got a replacement for him, since the next scene does not require him to show his face..hehehehe and here are the few pictures from the shooting at my house.. Klang Power!!!

after the movie story, is the story of a botak guy travelling to china with his family... every year, thiss botak fella's family will visit china at least twice. They want to visit their relatives there.. and the botak guy have to go this year because he missed out on last year's trip,.. and yet the botak fella still havent figure out why the trip was imporant to him.,..

the botak guy have no say at all in the decision made by his family, the airline tickets were already pre-booked before he knew it, the botak guy cant refuse now. trapped in between family, pre-booked airline ticket and also college assignments, the botak guy is forced to loose the rest of his remaining hair...

the botak guy have to race with time and fight with his laziness to finish his assignments as soon as possible, because he knew that he will not have enough time to spend when he is away,.. botak guy have to visit china embassy, botak guy have to go confirm airline ticket bookings, botak guy have to go book hotel, botak guy have to carry luggage, botak guy have to buy sovenir for family there.... botak guy became shorter again.... but the botak fella did enjoy himself with his family there.. guess the botak guy found out that "Shit fertilises tree, tree grows sweet apple, shit is good."

The botak guy went on a shopping spree with his long hair sisters... botak guy bought lotsa nice goodies for himself..
botak guy also visited the famous "window of the world" which is very beautiful and nice.. botak guy grew back a few more milimetres of hair"..

Botak guy also stuffed himself with huge amount of food and also exotic food.... botak guy was pleased..

so in conclusion, the botak guy got a happy ending where he had a great time with his family in china and did not regret in doing all those shits before hand... botak guy loves shit..

Friday, February 20, 2009

I am 'Botak!' again..

This time of year which is especially hot like hell, i decided to cut my hair short.. it was a shock for some who are not used to hang out with me... therefore they will all scream to their excitement to see the new look on 'willame..
i received a few questions and comments about my new hair style: lets roll with the questions first..

Q1) Eh william! you cut your hair?!
A : it's an illusion that you are seeing now..

Q2) Wah!! William, why you cut your hair la?!
A : Because i need to be more aerodynamic, so i can run faster..

Q3) William..!! What happen to your hair?!
A : oh you know... i slipped and fell into a blender yesterday, it ended up like this..

Q4) Eh Bro?! (fingers pointing at my head)
A : knn! mind your own business la...

Q5) Ehh.. new hair style ah?!
A : Uh... no... it's been around since before the Shoa Lin temple was established..

So as you all see,... the questions that i get are quite funny, as well as my answers to each of them..

Q4, was asked by a dude that i freaking 'tulan' with, in which he never keeps his mouth shut, he from klang also..but far worst than a 'homo erectus'.. so i shown him this expression together with my answer. "Knn!! mind your own business la!!!"
And now are the interesting comments in which i received from my friends and family, i din know that cutting my hair short would bring upon such interesting new facts about me...

Fact 1) i look like a 'Ninja Turtle' according to my niece..
Fact 2) i also look like 'Crayon Shinchan' according to my sis..
Fact 3) i look like a samseng according to mom..
Fact 4) i look like an egg acording to my course mate..
Fact 5) i can save money on shampoo and hair gel..
Fact 6) i can feel more cooling on the head..
Fact 7) i can amplify my 'tulan' look with this new hair cut..
Fact 8) there are some pimples visible on my head after cutting my hair
Fact 9) i have a count of like 26 hands that touched my head already untill now..
Fact 10) i can sleep way better now!!

after hearing what my niece has to say about my hair, i've decided to test on her judgement.. so.. i hope that i could get some answers from you all...::Do i really look like a Ninja Turtle??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Director's cut..

Whoah man!! i never really thought that shooting a movie would be so hectic, but yet editing it is on another level of 'tulanesss'. the fun and challenge was there naturally, from someone with such twisted and distorted mind like me, i actually wanted to shoot a 'porn' for my movie assignment! but i cant do that because:

no1) my lecturer will be too happy watching my video, he might accidentally give me a 'F'
no 2) my movie would be too good that the college's projectors might not support it's quality and explode, then i have to pay for the damage.
no 3) i might receive an Oscar for my movie and get too much attention, bad!!
no 4) i might be the second generation "name wee'' and receive the title "Name Will"..and get thrown out to india..
no 5) i think thats enough crap for now....

My movie assignment with other two team mates in college called 'Moonlight Euphoria' was doing very well, i already finished editing the first half of the movie after two days of non-stop work in front of the com.. now i look like a Zombie outta some 'Whatever from the Dead' movie..

"The story is quite distorted also, it is about a guy that took drugs and lived a night full of his residual self adventure and also hallucinations which will in the end takes him on a ride to........"
i guess all the movies shaall have teasers like this, hohohoho, though i do not admit that the movie will be a work of art, just for fun la....

Of course, i need to thank the crew also, and also the talents which comprises from the klang buddies, they dam good in acting wei!! these are the people recieving the credit:- Mike Knn , Lau yang, Anson, Suren, Nisha, Keen Loke, Ming sun, Apan, Alia, Chau Yang...

I hope that Moonlight Euphoria will not only be an assignment, but it will be a shared 'shit' together with everyone involved. i am beginning to love shooting movies and also writing stories, i hope that this will be continuos for me. This shall be a dream come true for me to produce my first true movie....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Va' Lone-Times day'

hahhh... two more days to valentines day, which also means that i am also celebrating my 5th year of being single..Yaayy!! (trying to sound happy) .. ok ok ok.. back to business where i will "Chai" (step) onto those that celebrates valentines day! the where "i love you" is said constantly:

tell the magic word *

Just because that i cant celebrate it, so i condemn it.. now.. valentines day.. as usual what comes to mind of the 'special people' that celebrates valentines day? the guy will always buy chocolate, take the girl out to movies, eat dinner, roses, cards, special request wishes....haiyohhh!!! every year also the same, not 'sien' meh??? think of something productive la..(which has nothing to do with reproductive elements, dont make valentines day into a 'father's day' for you next year) make her happy with new changes...

make your girlfriend happy!!

Guys... get some quality moments together with yer loved ones la (doesnt matter if girl or guy) why always with the usual boring stuff?! at least go get on a bike and cycle him/her along the park and enjoy the sweet breeze (sing the "tian mi-mi" song) ... but the youngsters nowadays are lazy... go up the stairs also cannot!! must take the lift! Walking at a park is good for valentines day (quality time generating) because there aren't alot of distractions around compared to a shopping mall, makes sense ok..the girls will be attracted by huge words "SALES", "DISCOUNT 70%", "NEW ARRIVAL" she wont even listen to what you are telling... and Guys also will be distracted with other people's girlfriends and then finally get a pinch or a step on the foot by your own girlfriend...

Girls girls girls... when celebrating valentines day.. dont la go and "Jual Mahal", when someone is asking you out on a date, doesnt mean that you will become his girlfriend.. spend la some time and have some healthy conversation throughout the night,,..,. haih..
things to be said when on a date

but beware that out there in the open, there are plenty of marketing schemes which are taking advantages of this valentines day celebration... pricing for flowers will increase two to three folds, and also chocolates which are wrapped in cheap gold paper will cost more that gold itself, not to mention restaurants that has signs like "valentines day special'' or "valentines night set" will charge like your father can print money with his butt... not to mention your current university, which will have like multiple students working their asses up to sell flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and etc to raise fund for their miserable clubs.. (go and study if you're free la!!!)

i dunno these people actually...

so valentines does not mean chocolate, teddy bears, flowers, dinner, movies or any other thing money can buy, valentines days is just a day to remind lovers that they are loved and will love.. it is a day when you just spend some time with your partner and forget about the world, forget about the time and live your moments to the fullest, thats all... if you are actually planning hard on events to be done during valentines day to make your partner happy, you dont have to.. just tell the person how happy you are with them, thus the magic will arise... stop using money as a form of love expression.. go enjoy sunset.. cook at home together and makan..... go cheap on money but rich with love...

such moments...

ps: i just think that valentines are supposed to be spent without any money, therefore happiness and love can be generated by you yourself and not your money..

Friday, January 30, 2009

Happy 'Diu' year!!

1*This year's Chinese new year somehow did not feel like it at all man.... i do not feel any adreanaline of any excitement at all.. so sien,.. Because that the uni needs to have a week of holiday, we as students are required to ave replacement classes even on saturdays... and i have to go on the saturday before CnY, what to do, got presentation for Anthropology.."the assassin in lut gholein is hot!!"

2*There is nothing like going to shopping with your family, man... it was 3 days before CnY ! "Now only wanna go ah!!" but i guess, it's the fun of snatching, tearing and also squeezing in the super market that makes it fun.. basically i had fun too, getting in to a competition for snatching fresh vegetables for my mom.."woo.." i won..!!if i were a terrorist, i will chose Tesco or Giant to bomb.

everything kena sapu like WW3 is coming!

the reflection of the empty aile mirror, shows nothing but a TKK.

me and my sisters, waiting for fresh fishes to be stocked.
3*My BiL (brother in law) had a lil' celebration in his 'woksop' again this year, in which he does every year... haha, but this time there was 'me' to record the crazy drunken group there...
the crazee group of drunken dudes and my BiL from the

a nice advertisement pose for Tiger Beer..
a lot of people came..and got drunk..*hick*
as you can see..thats my sister and Mr. Jacksen aka 'Mangkali'. alot of people are afraid of this duo due to their over adaptability towards alchoholic drinks, my sister and 'mangkali' favors the 'stout' aka ' Ooo Kau'.. so normal beer got no rasa according to them. So basically, the are the two that never gets drunk but instead gets the others of the victims of my sister and mangkali..this fella cant even stand straight!!

a small amount of what they took on that day..

the BBQ was successfully done by practicing 'child labour'. most of the adults are busy dumping gallons' of 'tanni' into their system, so they left the kids into serving them food..LOL.. my niece and also other kids had the fun of cooking their own food and also learnt how to create charcoal with them too...both my niece, busy creating coal with food..

the kids were all happy cooking.

4* The reunion dinner... every chinese family i presume will have their reunion meal on new years eve due to the 'birth of another fella'.. we call it the 'thanksgetting' lunch because you will feel thankful for recieving ang pow while ya still can.. of course it's for the next day la...Ok back to the topic, like every year, we will not eat outside in which i am really like it.. not to say that i am orthodox fella or what la but i think eating in the house is the true meaning of reunion.. the 'thanks getting' was somewhat like a potluck' and everyone also came home with some food.. it was real fun and nieces busy cleaning up the chairs for the reunion feast..

sisters are all busy cooking and also helping out..

the amount of food was huge as usual..

we are still waiting for some of the other sisters to arrive.

5*there it was, the day i had fun with my friends in klang.. alot of them came but too bad i had no time to take photos, it was a small BBQ thingy in my place. Even friends from college came over. The BBQ thing was great with te compilations of my high school mates, college mates and also usual lepak mates..

the atmosphere of food,.. smokin it up!

my guinea pig.. became the main attraction there (not food!!).
me, al and pito..calling out the other one that didn't make it "JoooOOoo!!!"
thanks to those that came all the way from Damansara!! bravo bravo!!

this shall end the CnY related post for 2009.. just hope that it is not as full of bullshit as MIKE and JUSTIN mentioned.. but no matter how, i am full of bullshit anyway..

ps: 'F' for : F@rki*g N@bu Cib*iii !!!! shall be this year's most favourite quote!