Monday, March 23, 2009

Creating/ executing.>

In this beautiful month of march , shall mark the birth of a new Society called the "multimedia society" in HELP Uni.

Me, Joanna and Alliyah came out with this idea at first last year and decided to take over the 'long since dead' "comminucation frontier" club, and now the dream has been realised.. all thanks to Zan also, our Lecturer and Advisor for the society now..

we already got our own studio fixed and the basic equipments are there for us to shoot a film and also to start a news reporting crew.. and now we are working our asses to register the club, and hopefully tomorrow we can get things settled.

Me, Al and Jo has been running like hell for the past few weeks to prepare all the necessary things and also to recruit people that are suitable, man... it sure is hectic!

We have our eyes on some students in HELP that we know' and sure of', suitable for this infant society. We need the society to grow, not for us but for the B comm students in HELP, we believe that this is the only society alive in the current status for the Bcomm students in HELP.

I had created a promotional video now for an official introduction to the public on this society's birth.. hopefully all will go well, for we have poured immense effort in giving birth to it..

we are also very excited and thankful that we recieved a huge amount of support from our friends and also the now', new' committee members.., they are all very cool..!!!! each gave their fullest in support and also sacrificed their time to make this society a success!!

now whats left i to have a final meeting with the committee members this wednesday and do the final touches, and hopefully we can get the first ever general meeting on!!

we just need more people to join in our society now.. woohoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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