Sunday, February 27, 2011

1986 - ? :-)

Family and friends, here i'll announce.
every seconds thats passed, kept count..
already i could feel the breeze on my face
ready as i am if the tide takes place.

today or tomorrow, i'll never be sure..
or maybe on summer of the year after..

luck shown how bitter comes after sweet.
of course there was sourness too.
Very few in which i loved, and yet..
everyone of them, too precious to forget.

As now i hope for their "hopes" to succeed,
goodness will go to those which are freed,
away from ties, bounded by their very fists..
inevitable from receiving wounds from the beast,
nesting in their very own hearts of defeat..

Saturday, February 5, 2011

everyday i hear stories of another land,
from the mouth of a special friend,
never once i stop my pretend,
for i know she want to visit that land.

her cries of tear i listened,
the laughter from her i made,
though deep inside he's broken..
that's all he could do in his state.

day by night the light isn't bright..
imagine holding that pain inside..
to listen about that land you sought..
just wished it was here... my side.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

in her eyes,

i see pain covered in laughter,
her gaze was still and watery,
hard, as she struggles to speak,
harder, it becomes for her to sleep.

in her eyes,
a glitter of light shone pass a second,
an immediate glimmer of pain-emit,
hoping for me to defeat,
the pain that held her a millionth week..

as i try,
my heart wanted to move my lips..
to form words of sense to ease your weeps.
yet too frail it was to even lift...
the power for my lips..too weak to speak..

in her eyes,
i see strength, i see kindness.
i see myself, i see unworthiness..
i see her tears, i see blindness..
i see a heart, i see ............................