Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sueeyyyy ahhhhhh !!!!! ( in canto means BADDD LLUUUCCCCKKKKK!!!!!)

This year my car has failed me and also cost me loads of cash and time, haih... i guess my "Blue Monster" is beginning to demand for some serious rest and also new spare parts..
Blue Monster : "i demand a vacation now!! give it to me William!! you ass!!"

Last month i have just spent in about rm 400 in fixing the leakage in it's brake's main pump, then two weeks later, the brake hub of the left rear wheel broke into a few pieces, causing my car to sound as though there were something constantly knocking behind.. like there were someone trapped in the back booth~~ scary shit there man..

Then recently.. last friday to be more precise, as i was going through my normal routine before i get to college or work every morning, i will spend some time at the petrol station near Jusco Bukit raja, just to fill in some fuel, check the water level on the radiator, check the engine oil level... then i will continue my journey.. and every time i will also make damb sure that i will close the front boot tightly and make sure that it is secure. This time was not an exception also, i was sure it closed nice and tight!

While i was driving on NKVE at the third lane with the speed of around 130 km/j (Kilometres per hour), my front boot suddenly flew open and up it goes!! ramming right into my front windscreen and bringing thousands of razor sharp glass shards towards me!! good god, i was fast enough to evade the wave of glass shooting into the car by dodging downwards, everthing happened in less then 2 seconds... man oh man.. that was a shock that i didnt get for quite some time now...

Visibility was zero due to the front boot covering up the whole windscreen, i quicly punched on the emergency signal and slow down my car, making sure the cars behind notice my stop. i quickly went down and pushed the booth down and drove to the emergancy lane far left.. there i cleaned my self up, get rid of all the glass shards, and while i was doing it, the highway patrol was kind enough to offer me some help in cleaning up the glasses, it was serious to make sure that the front boot and the dashboard was clean from pieces of glass to aviod any further injuries to my face or eyes while i drive home.. i tied the booth with some metal wires i got from the highway patrol and thanked them on ly way back... i took me more than 2 1/2 hours to start moving home.. walao..
and i can only drive like 60 km/j on my way home.. and i finally know how it fells like when driving a "convertible" car-the ones with no roof on top, but this time.. only without a front windscreen....

the front view of my car... the boot is already bent, cant close anymore

the front portion of the dashboard, paint came off and dented.

with this accident, i missed my first assignment for feature writing class, and also miss work on the same day... walao.. dam Sueeeeeyyyyyy ahhhhh!!!!!!


  1. eh nei mou si hai hou lah...

  2. fucking suey wey!

    my power stering oil place pecah time aku nak pusing stering ketat, nasib i managed to find a place to stop, if im stil in help and jam i dont know what will happen

  3. YALAH!!!! KNN!!!! dam kan chiong that time wei.... straight away cannot see anything at all.. was at the peak of my life.. hanging in between a pair of bull's balls man... luckily i din loose my cool that time man.. or else now you all will be paying "white gold" to me..

  4. Oh. My. God.

    You poor thing! You need lots of chocolate! *throws tons over*

    Don't worry; you get to watch Transformers earlier than the rest of the world, so that's something to cheer you up. 8D

  5. say hello to your monster