Monday, May 11, 2009


Recently i had been too busy to update my blog..haih... more or less chat in msn.. so this is what have been happening to me recently:

After exams, went straight to perform my internship at an event organising company in Damansara, Taman Tun.. walao... still need to drive like going to college. But nevermind, the boss there are very nice and also eager to teach me all the stuffs that they have in their sleeves.. during the workiing time till now "in which i am slacking off to write this post" the job has been interesting. here are the few things we did recently:

1) been to UPM, UM and UNITEN for meetings with the people there.
2) Database collection of previous events.
3) went to look for race tracks for upcoming events.
4) Reply emails for the participants that registered..
5) Went makan in plenty other new places!

the nearest upcoming event will be on June, it will be a run sponsored by a power plant company called 'Malakoff', and the event will be held at and my boss are planning to taste the famous 'Rasa Sayang International Buffet' there..woohoo..

The second thing that i have been up to recently is my car a.k.a "blue monster", though it is not that monstrous, but for me, it is the best car ever... recently "Blue Monster" has been complaning with some additonal sound that it has been giving off, so i went down to his belly to see what happened and to my surprise! blue monster's "lower arm" need to be replaced, therefore i brought it to the workshop and start dissasembling and fixed it during one of the weekends.. after that i brought it to the tyre shop to change a new set of tyres and got it's 'allignment' tuned, and Viola!! smooth driving..... but three days ago "Blue Monster" gave me a shock again, this time it gave out some tremendous sound on the left-rear wheel.."BUMMMPP!!" ..scary man..... so i wanted to fix it the next day..but i caught a cold and it came with a fever..bad luck..

but i managed to send it to the workshop again and to my surprise!, when the wheel hub was removed, the brake plates were broken into pieces and the hub's inner part was damaged badly..brake pump..goner..
so i gotta get it fixed tomorrow after work..haih..

the third thing is that, i have another responsible recently, i need to upgrade my friend's laptop..just add ram to it.. it was Candy's laptop.
she will be gone for a whole week to Taiwan, and i am supposed to get it done for her, but the bad news is.. i cant do it for her..i only managed to help her install the antivirus that she needed and also clear her laptop of rubbish.. basically to make the laptop work faster.. but time is not on my side, walao.. everytime is finish work, got home..the computer shop is closed, weekends: "dont even dream of driving into Klang Town".. guess it's gonna be "sorry candy" for her..

Recently also i have been trying hard to organise a 'one-day-trip' for my friends, and i did..but sadly just a few of them that acted as a 'sport' to reply my messages..haih... please la "brudders & sistas"...holidays are at it's end time to play dy la??

Recently i have no time during weekdays, and no rest during weekends......

but i manage to find some time in working out my designing skills on a freeware called, it is similar to photoshop but i find it more suiting to my style... If you wonder why i even bother to learn all these designing stuffs, it's because i felt that i am left behind. nowadays alot of people/artist work very well with photoshop and they can create really good stuff with it.... i realise that pencil and paper will be overruled by these digital tools.. and do realise that i mean 'create' is not by copy and pasting photo's then edit them, my definition of creation is from a blank page, drawing using the mouse, starting with line and end with a picture. By this, i can still be able to maintain the "old-school'ness" in i did a few sample designs already, abstract ones.. and slowly improving myself in the process, and i am quite satisfied...hehehe..

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