Thursday, June 25, 2009


Today is the 25th of June 2009, my birthday and the day the world received another wonderful being!

i have received a lot of wishes from a lot of friends, and not to mention my sisters that took care of my breakfast, lunch and dinner today, each of them decided to cook something for me today. so i have all three meals covered for the day, Hahaha..i dont have to cook my self now..

Now i am lying my arse around in my room, watching movies and also writing this post. I also received one wonderful present from my best-friend "MIKE LAU"..

he made a testimonial post, a commemorative piece about me. i was very touched by it!! i did not expect that someone will do something like this for me. Surely is my best friend! If i were a girl i will marry you man!..hahahahaha too bad i'm straight!
Check out his post:

Yesterday my bosses from Quickrelease Adventures also gave me a surprise celebration, i was deceived to go help my boss "melody" to shift her house. We did a little shifting of boxes and also fixed a few racks, after that, her dad fixed us a wonderful lunch and we hung out in the TV room.... and Melody and Adele said they wanted to go do something.... and while watching TV and laughing at some nostalgic-TVB-show, i heard "happy birthday to you...."

Hahahahaha.. i really did not expect that at all!!! they are the best and the most friendliest bosses i had ever had! the cakes were nice and tasty!

Like every year, birthdays are always the better.. they improve through friends and also family, without them.. my existance is nothing significant to celebrate at all.. Thanks to you all for what i am!

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