Friday, February 20, 2009

I am 'Botak!' again..

This time of year which is especially hot like hell, i decided to cut my hair short.. it was a shock for some who are not used to hang out with me... therefore they will all scream to their excitement to see the new look on 'willame..
i received a few questions and comments about my new hair style: lets roll with the questions first..

Q1) Eh william! you cut your hair?!
A : it's an illusion that you are seeing now..

Q2) Wah!! William, why you cut your hair la?!
A : Because i need to be more aerodynamic, so i can run faster..

Q3) William..!! What happen to your hair?!
A : oh you know... i slipped and fell into a blender yesterday, it ended up like this..

Q4) Eh Bro?! (fingers pointing at my head)
A : knn! mind your own business la...

Q5) Ehh.. new hair style ah?!
A : Uh... no... it's been around since before the Shoa Lin temple was established..

So as you all see,... the questions that i get are quite funny, as well as my answers to each of them..

Q4, was asked by a dude that i freaking 'tulan' with, in which he never keeps his mouth shut, he from klang also..but far worst than a 'homo erectus'.. so i shown him this expression together with my answer. "Knn!! mind your own business la!!!"
And now are the interesting comments in which i received from my friends and family, i din know that cutting my hair short would bring upon such interesting new facts about me...

Fact 1) i look like a 'Ninja Turtle' according to my niece..
Fact 2) i also look like 'Crayon Shinchan' according to my sis..
Fact 3) i look like a samseng according to mom..
Fact 4) i look like an egg acording to my course mate..
Fact 5) i can save money on shampoo and hair gel..
Fact 6) i can feel more cooling on the head..
Fact 7) i can amplify my 'tulan' look with this new hair cut..
Fact 8) there are some pimples visible on my head after cutting my hair
Fact 9) i have a count of like 26 hands that touched my head already untill now..
Fact 10) i can sleep way better now!!

after hearing what my niece has to say about my hair, i've decided to test on her judgement.. so.. i hope that i could get some answers from you all...::Do i really look like a Ninja Turtle??

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  1. hello handsome... nice catching up with u man that day...