Tuesday, October 18, 2011


it is late at night (2:11 am) as i am writing this now..
even though i met you yesterday, and chilled out with you the whole day..it never stopped me from missing you at this time..i miss your existence.. your smile... your mengader-ness~ ...your care... your touch.
haha..time flies it seems..but i guess i should record our story here now and then.. i have told it once too many times to those that asked.. and yet i will never feel to bored of asking...

here goes.. 7 years ago..

a boy met a girl... a girl that he never thought that he would be able to date...and yet he still fell for her..there was something that attracts him... he dont know what..then...
~hahaha i dont know where to start!! :-)~

ok.. i was this little boy..a delinquent looking boy...a boy that smokes alot.. and one day as i was smoking in front of school, a voice caught me from the back "hey you~! dont smoke so much la.. it is very bad for you health, you know~?" and i was surprised as this girl smiled at me when i turned around..and i could see her braces shining under the sun.. "what a smile" i thought.. and i flushed red..i could feel my cheeks hot...and my lousy response that time was "oh~ ok.." hahaha ... i was a bit shy la.. but then i start noticing her alot..

i did something really stupid that time.. from that day onwards i will always sit in the exact same spot to smoke and hope to get scolded again..hope to be able to see her talk to me again.. and yeah, she did...but everytime i cant find the courage to get to know her closer.. but one fine day.. i found out that she is also part of this Nature society thing in school, and i was lucky enough to be invited to join in helping that society to paint some murals... whats best is that..she is also part of the mural project..hahaha i was so delighted.. but still i dont dare to talk to her..

but then things went pretty well and we worked on the mural together, and we even went to a trip with the society together.. and i liked her..i had a crush.. but i dare not speak or engage on it..because she was one of the famous girls in school.. and i was nothing but a normal kid.. haha

and surprisingly... we got closer towards the end of form 6.. what good timing right...... -_-"
and we started chatting and sharing and chatting and sharing..
as we tell each other about our lives.. we got closer and closer... but we remain as friends only.. i kept my distance.. and throughout these years..we both had someone else in our lives...and we both cried for them..but then again.. i never regretted going through those pains with previous companions... because it was when i's broken that she found me and fixed me up..
i was touched by her doing.. i was sad and broken and she was the only one that comforted me.. the only one that cared..the only one that understood.. the only one that chatted with me till 6.00am and i know that she have work in the morning.. but she held on...to make sure that i was alright..
after that chat with her.. i was so touched and so sad as well.. how have i missed something so great in life..how have i have once given up on someone so wonderful in life.. then only i see... that she is more important to me now..

we got closer and closer.. till one fine day.. i asked her out to catch a glimpse of the sunset in Cape Hope.... we went for a stroll in the mall for some hot chocolate..met up with a friend, then after that drove off to Cape Hope.. we walked a really really long path along the shoreline..and we just kept walking and talking.... i was just enjoying the vibe that the surrounding was giving out.. the dawn that was coming..as the final hours of the warm Sun rays were cast upon the two of us.. we kept walking..and talking about some other thing.. i was trying to find something to talk about.. until we found a nice spot to sit and as the sunset.. we had a short moment of silent in admiration of natures wonderful work of art..

it felt like forever for me.. and after the sunset.. we walked back to the car..and we sat on a bench near the place i parked. and i manage to summon my courage to tell her... but it was still a cowardly confession.." i think i am in love with you.." hahahahahaa what a loser right..i still laugh at it everytime i think of it.. :-)  but at that time she still hasn't agreed, instead she somehow rejected me.. yet surprisingly..i did not feel dissapointed somehow.. because deep down inside, i know she feels for me..for i can feel it too..but thanks for that ice-breaking confession.. we got way more closer as friends..

and as we found out more about the funny things in each other... the attraction grew, and i started to miss her alot.. and she started to miss me a lot as well.. we went out for a few times to hang out and eventually we were unofficially dating... and somehow.. we became companions now...it just came naturally.. and now i am dating her officially..for she is the greatest girl that i have ever met in my life.. yes..you truly is.. and the past 7 years was such a long ride.. but then again... worth it..for you are a close friend, a lover and a companion..
shirley..i love you.. :-) hehe.. though we have been dating for not long now.. yet it felt as though we have been dating for super long.. and i like that feeling.. that warm feeling in my chest that throbs for your appearance..
 there are more chapters to this story but i shall leave it for ourselves to treasure..

so this is it.. my very own story, that took me 7 years to write..and many many years more to complete with her..and i am signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies.. :-)

i have never..

felt this strong before,
for someone..
believe so much,
in someone....
been healed so wonderfully,
by someone...
loved so deeply...
on someone...
thought i would meet...
this someone...
believed that i'm with..
this someone..

i'm signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies :-) S.H.M.I.L.Y <3

Monday, October 10, 2011

Bossini FTW

thanks to bossini in being so generous to SOLS, haha now the students get to wear more nicer and better clothes~! :-) i am so so happy weeeeee~~~

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

thank you

for being there yesterday,
and cared for me while i am sick..
healing my soul with your presence..
making me smile when i couldn't
you are like an invisible angel...
always being there for me at times of need..
even as i am alone now.. i could still feel your presence with me..
for the love shared between us is strong and beautiful~

thank you SCHW~Shmily
you gave me a better day of sunshine and clouded skies..

Sunday, October 2, 2011

you made my day~!

it was a wonderful day,
a day i spent without dismay,
you took my troubles away,
like there were no yesterday,
showing me care, needless to say,
making my heart skip and sway...

thus i'm signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies.. :-) SCHW Shmily~ <3