Friday, November 25, 2011

Volunteering work.

I just heard of the most ridiculous thing today, that people actually gets charged to volunteer for NGO's-just so they can get the volunteering experience.. wow.. ahaha and according to my friend Juan, there are tons and tons of students and also people from the overseas gets charged a certain amount of money by organizations that sells these kind of  volunteering "service" it seems..

I really dont know what is going wrong nowadays...but most of the sites that we 'google online for "volunteering"-in certain countries and etc' are mostly paid sites... it seems that this "volunteering experience" selling-trend  is getting bigger and bigger... people actually have to pay to do charity? i pity those who are lost in the little road of volunteers...

Thank god SOLS 24/7 doesn't charge our volunteers... and on the contrary, volunteers are given food and accommodation as well.. Please.. if you are looking for a place to volunteer, you dont have to pay for it.. spend some extra hours online to do more research and you will be on your way to a wonderful experience by your very own hands..

Peace out to all the other volunteers of humanity out there~! and have a better day of sunshine and clouded skies :-)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


a new stage

a new tone

a new birth

a new element

a new inspiration

a new picture

a new direction
a new found love