Sunday, January 31, 2010

Orange peeling

one with a dozen,
a dozen for one.
I ate 12 oranges today,
different oranges in a same way.

The first was sweet,
yet too hard to peel,
like training my feet,
to walk and feel.

From the 2nd to 5th,
i slowly progress,
chewing with my teeth,
i felt i had the best.

Sudden 6th felt a lil' sour,
'Frown' formed at my first encounter,
yet i thought it'll all get better,
unknowingly i ventured deeper...

7th and 8th i peeled faster,
without effort i reached within,
yet they weren't getting any better,
from pleasure it became repeated routine.

Forcing fingers to reach 9th,
closing an eye i took the knife,
much was rumbled now in mind,
could oranges represent my life?

10th and 11th tasted bitter,
was it oranges or grapefruit i wonder?
why bother asking when the end was near?
i never thought that the truth will clear...

The final 12th i held tall,
afraid to find a taste too strong.
yet courage sliced it and shared with all ,
surprizingly "sweet!!" the others sang along~

Friday, January 29, 2010


i had been writing a lot,
making note of every sense,
trying to bring life with my pen.

i try to make them into songs,
yet the rhythm i always forget,
at least i got the words recorded,
reminding the thoughts my mind once had.

i also did a few sketches,
filling my sick days spent in bed,

i think music is slowly growing in me,
as i am now allowed to express freely,

walk with me

Why do we cry?
human were meant to die,
the moment we receive life.
we must live and not 'try'..

Throw down those burdens,
and live for the moment.
As long as we aren't regretting,
the paths we've taken

walk with me~~
I'll bring you along my journey~~

we have and we had,
i just want you to know,
they are everything we can let go.
without the sun, our hearts still glow!

walk with me~~
I'll let you free~~

Let us not stay frozen in our past,
life is not something that will last,
just like those beautiful fireworks,
that leaves us aghast...

walk with me~~
can you?....

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i was stupid'

i was stupid,
to have not realize the coming of spring,
in which i missed the one and only,
beautiful flowering.

i was stupid,
to let lose such a beautiful fragment,
that would fill the deepest emptiness,
that could ease my torment.

i was stupid,
as i did not dare summon the energy,
that would save my self from continuing,
on this lonely road sadly...

how can i repent,
to enjoy this beautiful spring,
in which it fills my empty heart,
that will rename the road called "lonely"?

Will spring be as cold as winter to me?
freezing my soul so quickly,
yet tormenting my heart slowly...
please accept my sorry...

I hope that i can get back,
this fragment that brings the only meaning..
for this heart to keep pulsing,
please save it from dying..

Hope that there's a turning on this road,
for the most important junction i missed,
because i am sure that i will reach,
a never ending road of bliss...

with great sincerity,
i apologize humbly,
"sorry that i missed",
"i was stupid"