Friday, October 29, 2010

am i that strong?

am i really that strong? i doubt the fact that i am, some may look and perceive me other wise.. but what am i to say in changing the thoughts of others? haha

had this really nostalgic dream that never came to me for a long time.. i used to enjoy the imaginary world that my subconscious mind painted, but this time i jolted up as though a thousand volts ran through me. Bathed in both; cold sweat and frustration, i could do no less than to turn the lights on, sitting on the cold floor, and trying to reconnect back to reality.

felt like leaving this place.. yes it does. this is one of those rare occasions where my mind fought back, the fictional lucid reality of it's subconscious side. It sucks, so much that i cant even stand lying to myself, HAHAhaha... or am i slowly loosing it? nah.. who cares, right?

i am the successful joker, the lame entertainer, the irresponsible partner, the notorious brother, the idiotic driver and the unwanted lover. :-) life is a bliss~~ when we rest in peace~~

Monday, October 25, 2010

drown by limpbizkit

It's getting closer to the end

Every part of me
And then disaster takes it's toll
And now I'm left with only me

Maybe sorrow plays a role
When you feel unkind
Your abuses will let her stand in a line
Forever lost in time

Save me, save me
Before I drown
Save me, save me
Before I drown

It's getting closer to the end
I look back and smile
We conquered every single bump in my road
Made it all worth while

Just remember how I cared
When it came crashing down
I'd like to toast to all those
Angels that were always hangin' 'round

Save me, save me
Before I drown
Save me, save me
Before I drown, drown, oh, oh

Maybe life ain't what it seems
'Cause it's all a dream, forgive me
Sometimes I feel like a fool
'Cause I'm so uncool, forgive me

Saturday, October 16, 2010

thanks for the memories.

"what if?" i learnt a lot from this question. 
"what isn't?"  i realized a lot from this question.