Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching back on old shits...

Whoah man!! after so long that i left my blog untouched... and now i touch again....

i was really busy for the past month.. been doing assignments and other stuffs, dammit, we cant blame others or give stupid reasons if we cant get things done on time.. some people choose to blame others for the shit they step on, but i choose to blame myself for not looking at where i step.. hahaha, gone for such long time and now giving sissy philosophy!!hahaha guess i do deserve the TKK title given by 'ah chan'.

Alright, to catch back on time... the beginning of march, i had been planning on my assignment for my movie, and editing the second half of it... from where i left the story on my previous post. the shooting continued in my house, my room and also my backyard... reduce, reuse and recycle..

once again, i force labor my friends to work for free in my movie, as the crew and also the talents.. it was very well done, and everything went on smoothly as planned... and one of the actors Mike was MIA, cus he has to go back to seremban, therefore i got a replacement for him, since the next scene does not require him to show his face..hehehehe and here are the few pictures from the shooting at my house.. Klang Power!!!

after the movie story, is the story of a botak guy travelling to china with his family... every year, thiss botak fella's family will visit china at least twice. They want to visit their relatives there.. and the botak guy have to go this year because he missed out on last year's trip,.. and yet the botak fella still havent figure out why the trip was imporant to him.,..

the botak guy have no say at all in the decision made by his family, the airline tickets were already pre-booked before he knew it, the botak guy cant refuse now. trapped in between family, pre-booked airline ticket and also college assignments, the botak guy is forced to loose the rest of his remaining hair...

the botak guy have to race with time and fight with his laziness to finish his assignments as soon as possible, because he knew that he will not have enough time to spend when he is away,.. botak guy have to visit china embassy, botak guy have to go confirm airline ticket bookings, botak guy have to go book hotel, botak guy have to carry luggage, botak guy have to buy sovenir for family there.... botak guy became shorter again.... but the botak fella did enjoy himself with his family there.. guess the botak guy found out that "Shit fertilises tree, tree grows sweet apple, shit is good."

The botak guy went on a shopping spree with his long hair sisters... botak guy bought lotsa nice goodies for himself..
botak guy also visited the famous "window of the world" which is very beautiful and nice.. botak guy grew back a few more milimetres of hair"..

Botak guy also stuffed himself with huge amount of food and also exotic food.... botak guy was pleased..

so in conclusion, the botak guy got a happy ending where he had a great time with his family in china and did not regret in doing all those shits before hand... botak guy loves shit..

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