Wednesday, March 30, 2011


april is near..and i am shifting to segambut today.. i will be staying there for work in the SOLS center, though now it has not been fully furnished yet..but i will be there together with the students to work and complete the place.. i managed to catch a few hours back home in klang to write this..lols. but i guess things will get much much better as i move now. :-)

signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies :-)

Sunday, March 27, 2011

painting joy :-)

HahAHAhah.. today i went to the SOLS segambut center, it was pretty funny as i went floor to floor and check out the place. Pretty neat place they have there.. then i taught the kids there how to paint the walls and gave them some trippy tutorial on wall painting...lols..they are all so nice.. and Raj as always, fires things up there making funny remarks and comments... either way, was a good day :-) for me to sign out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies~!

Friday, March 25, 2011


i have decided to dedicate my life into helping out SOLS, an ngo that aims in helping out troubled teen and provide free education to them.... i once enjoyed teaching// tutoring..and i guess now is the time where i could put that skill into use as well. I will most probably start work on Monday, start painting the new center at segambut and kick things in~!!! :-)

signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies....


things in life sometimes will turn over at your feet...and drop you into a pit full of shit..
but one thing that i learn about experiences is... it can be measured with time...
and things that could be measured with time, only last for one period of time.. so i have found and been through
hard times in life, but when we think of it.. it is these "harsh/ hard" times that makes the "good" times feel better~ so i say "live life to the fullest, then we could get the best from it"

with this here, i shall sign out and begin a better day of sunshine and clouded skies~!


Sunday, March 13, 2011


sometimes i wonder if there was really a chance between us,
i am just so confused by everything that you do, by what others has said to me..
i dare not make a move, too afraid to ruin this little friendship that we have..
but could you at least be clear to me on where i stand? so each time i need not pretend like a normal friend.
please don't juggle with the tiny-bit of leftover heart in me... i need it to live...

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

to all the women i've encountered..

my life started as you cried in pain, my life matured as i hurt you over and over again, my life will never be the same without all the women i've encountered.. mom, sisters, friends and loved ones.. i humbly wish "happy international womens day~!"