Friday, September 24, 2010

Sanity hangs on a single thread.

To whoever that wanted me dead -now is your chance.... one more hit onto the heart and i'll be gone..

Tossing and turning, i still cant sleep...woke up again, eyes drenched.. felt very thirsty and cold..
the effects of such "goodbyes" consumes my mind and body. Why are my hands shaking?

Babi korang..Cepat sangat~!!

They kept at true good humour's mark

The social flow of pleasure's tide:
one after one, they subside

they never made a brow look dark,

Nor caused a tear, but when they embark.

It's been a great time,
Yet both your shores have hasten tides,
off you traveled towards the skies.

ps: "burger ayam special, mayo lebih.. bawang tak mau ah~!" i will not have the chance to say this again.. now i will miss the both of you.. "Donkey nesh & AD-donald"

Monday, September 13, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Why couldn't we change,
make it better,
This place where we stay,
sadly never...
As time took it's pace,
we still slumber,
Dreaming day by day,
separate colours...

All i feel's dismay,
as i see the father..
Feed them with his ways,
poisoned his kids...
Always about race,
different colours...
Don't look at me strange~~
Don't look at him strange~~
Shouldn't we be ashamed......

We can't live this...
there ain't no-peace-to-it.
There wasn't one day..
we wont discriminate...
If i had one wish..
i hope that all....
Humans would be blind,
so this will stop..
We're blinded by skins.
those tone's of colour~~
*please-dont-tell-me-all those-stories*
  i want to judge with my own eyes...
*don't dwell in separating~humanity~~~!*
 it would be the end for you and me!!

I hope it's not me,
alone in thinking..
Observe and you'll see,
how distorted..
Our.. society~..
our family~~
how can we~~
not see~~?