Thursday, October 15, 2009

Line revived, and the dead rises again...!!!

After being disconnected for such a long time and leaving this space untouched', now i will start infesting the net with my' crap again..

Basically, i have been gone for so long is because that i am lazy and do not bother to update anything.. and also for minor reasons; the internet line at my place was not working at all... dammit... due to some dumb project by our beloved Jabatan Kerja Ringan' that took moths to patch up a hole which is probably the size of a 'jamban' !!!! walao.... how hard is it to fill up a hole that size? just visit that hole for a week and start shitting on it...viola..hole filled.

Owrite... just let bygones be bygones.. throughout the numerous months of my disappearance
, i have been activating my self into "duracell" mode and became really active in the great "MMS" society. Thus by doing so, has enabled me to fill in the empty slot of 'internet-less' in my itty-bitty heart. The society has been planning on a massively cool event called the "halloween Massacre Night" and as time goes on together with the joint-venture with the IPRMSA (dont ask what it stands for...sorry) club, we got to experience real-time ass aching' event organizing. as the saying goes; NO PAIN< style="color: rgb(0, 204, 204);">Clements band called "Pop The Cherry" as the vocalist, and trust me.. i suck like hell man... but luckily all the band members were all very cool and chilling when it comes to jamming, but the real fear is yet to befall upon us...arrghhhh** and we cant afford to screw-up for the upcoming performance. I am now practicing four songs everyday in my car and also in my dreams just to get myself prepared for the big day..... everytime i think of it...and understanding my own limitations, i fear of letting down the whole band down if i were to screw up...knn!! sibeh jialat owhh!! first thing.. Clement the drummer will stick the drum sticks into whatever hole he can find on me, then Andrew the basist will start 'Slapping' me into bits, Ledwina the keyboardist will make me swallow her keyboard, Weng Yew the lead guitarist will shove his guitar into my (use your own imagination**) and finally the Big Bro Mr. Lai the Rhythm Guitarist will choke slammm~~ me to hell...

Thus in my tombstone, epitath; " He sang , not too well. Like a pussy humming in a well"

I was also helping out as much as i can in organizing the Halloween Massacre Night, i got to dress up as a "slightly" plump Joey Jordison together with Clement wearing a full head perverto' clown'o mask and performing some guerilla marketing on the Halloween event. it was kinda fun scaring the shit out of students in help during DAY TIME!!! can you believe that? but we manage to get loads of attention and some even took pictures with us... actually without my mask, i'm more scarier~!! we also did a Busking Session Accoustic Jam Session in order to raise fund for the Halloween Event, and we got around RM300++ in two hours.. thanks to all the effort poured out by all the MMS members.

Now everthing for the event has kick-started by it's own and it will just be a matter of time for it to take shape, thanks god that i was given a chance to work with such fabulous 'Monstrous Minions Scums' of hell that i dare and most of all feel proud to call them brothers and sisters. Tribute to the 'Monstrous Minions of Scums' family : thanks to Joanna James-ah-long, Aliyyah Nuha-ha-ha-ha-ha, Apan Zha-fran-toyol, Daniel chan-lan-dou, Clement dup-dup Chiang~!!, Ledwina In da house', Calvin Khong wei lian, Abygayle-andy, Luc-hansem, Sara liyana-na-na~~na, Ja jaBinks, Shermaine chan suet-suet, Amira lawa, Andy-gayle, Tanya-ma-ma, Rae'chong' o' sunshine, Lisa ma-ma mia, Jessica-snappy-snappy, Debbie-piggy, Shari-coffee-ti, Michelle lee-penang, Michelle Mae sau-sau, Ian-box-bearer, and all the other friends and family that supported us.. Tinne, Riz, and geng!

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