Friday, February 20, 2009

I am 'Botak!' again..

This time of year which is especially hot like hell, i decided to cut my hair short.. it was a shock for some who are not used to hang out with me... therefore they will all scream to their excitement to see the new look on 'willame..
i received a few questions and comments about my new hair style: lets roll with the questions first..

Q1) Eh william! you cut your hair?!
A : it's an illusion that you are seeing now..

Q2) Wah!! William, why you cut your hair la?!
A : Because i need to be more aerodynamic, so i can run faster..

Q3) William..!! What happen to your hair?!
A : oh you know... i slipped and fell into a blender yesterday, it ended up like this..

Q4) Eh Bro?! (fingers pointing at my head)
A : knn! mind your own business la...

Q5) Ehh.. new hair style ah?!
A : Uh... no... it's been around since before the Shoa Lin temple was established..

So as you all see,... the questions that i get are quite funny, as well as my answers to each of them..

Q4, was asked by a dude that i freaking 'tulan' with, in which he never keeps his mouth shut, he from klang also..but far worst than a 'homo erectus'.. so i shown him this expression together with my answer. "Knn!! mind your own business la!!!"
And now are the interesting comments in which i received from my friends and family, i din know that cutting my hair short would bring upon such interesting new facts about me...

Fact 1) i look like a 'Ninja Turtle' according to my niece..
Fact 2) i also look like 'Crayon Shinchan' according to my sis..
Fact 3) i look like a samseng according to mom..
Fact 4) i look like an egg acording to my course mate..
Fact 5) i can save money on shampoo and hair gel..
Fact 6) i can feel more cooling on the head..
Fact 7) i can amplify my 'tulan' look with this new hair cut..
Fact 8) there are some pimples visible on my head after cutting my hair
Fact 9) i have a count of like 26 hands that touched my head already untill now..
Fact 10) i can sleep way better now!!

after hearing what my niece has to say about my hair, i've decided to test on her judgement.. so.. i hope that i could get some answers from you all...::Do i really look like a Ninja Turtle??

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Director's cut..

Whoah man!! i never really thought that shooting a movie would be so hectic, but yet editing it is on another level of 'tulanesss'. the fun and challenge was there naturally, from someone with such twisted and distorted mind like me, i actually wanted to shoot a 'porn' for my movie assignment! but i cant do that because:

no1) my lecturer will be too happy watching my video, he might accidentally give me a 'F'
no 2) my movie would be too good that the college's projectors might not support it's quality and explode, then i have to pay for the damage.
no 3) i might receive an Oscar for my movie and get too much attention, bad!!
no 4) i might be the second generation "name wee'' and receive the title "Name Will"..and get thrown out to india..
no 5) i think thats enough crap for now....

My movie assignment with other two team mates in college called 'Moonlight Euphoria' was doing very well, i already finished editing the first half of the movie after two days of non-stop work in front of the com.. now i look like a Zombie outta some 'Whatever from the Dead' movie..

"The story is quite distorted also, it is about a guy that took drugs and lived a night full of his residual self adventure and also hallucinations which will in the end takes him on a ride to........"
i guess all the movies shaall have teasers like this, hohohoho, though i do not admit that the movie will be a work of art, just for fun la....

Of course, i need to thank the crew also, and also the talents which comprises from the klang buddies, they dam good in acting wei!! these are the people recieving the credit:- Mike Knn , Lau yang, Anson, Suren, Nisha, Keen Loke, Ming sun, Apan, Alia, Chau Yang...

I hope that Moonlight Euphoria will not only be an assignment, but it will be a shared 'shit' together with everyone involved. i am beginning to love shooting movies and also writing stories, i hope that this will be continuos for me. This shall be a dream come true for me to produce my first true movie....

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Va' Lone-Times day'

hahhh... two more days to valentines day, which also means that i am also celebrating my 5th year of being single..Yaayy!! (trying to sound happy) .. ok ok ok.. back to business where i will "Chai" (step) onto those that celebrates valentines day! the where "i love you" is said constantly:

tell the magic word *

Just because that i cant celebrate it, so i condemn it.. now.. valentines day.. as usual what comes to mind of the 'special people' that celebrates valentines day? the guy will always buy chocolate, take the girl out to movies, eat dinner, roses, cards, special request wishes....haiyohhh!!! every year also the same, not 'sien' meh??? think of something productive la..(which has nothing to do with reproductive elements, dont make valentines day into a 'father's day' for you next year) make her happy with new changes...

make your girlfriend happy!!

Guys... get some quality moments together with yer loved ones la (doesnt matter if girl or guy) why always with the usual boring stuff?! at least go get on a bike and cycle him/her along the park and enjoy the sweet breeze (sing the "tian mi-mi" song) ... but the youngsters nowadays are lazy... go up the stairs also cannot!! must take the lift! Walking at a park is good for valentines day (quality time generating) because there aren't alot of distractions around compared to a shopping mall, makes sense ok..the girls will be attracted by huge words "SALES", "DISCOUNT 70%", "NEW ARRIVAL" she wont even listen to what you are telling... and Guys also will be distracted with other people's girlfriends and then finally get a pinch or a step on the foot by your own girlfriend...

Girls girls girls... when celebrating valentines day.. dont la go and "Jual Mahal", when someone is asking you out on a date, doesnt mean that you will become his girlfriend.. spend la some time and have some healthy conversation throughout the night,,..,. haih..
things to be said when on a date

but beware that out there in the open, there are plenty of marketing schemes which are taking advantages of this valentines day celebration... pricing for flowers will increase two to three folds, and also chocolates which are wrapped in cheap gold paper will cost more that gold itself, not to mention restaurants that has signs like "valentines day special'' or "valentines night set" will charge like your father can print money with his butt... not to mention your current university, which will have like multiple students working their asses up to sell flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and etc to raise fund for their miserable clubs.. (go and study if you're free la!!!)

i dunno these people actually...

so valentines does not mean chocolate, teddy bears, flowers, dinner, movies or any other thing money can buy, valentines days is just a day to remind lovers that they are loved and will love.. it is a day when you just spend some time with your partner and forget about the world, forget about the time and live your moments to the fullest, thats all... if you are actually planning hard on events to be done during valentines day to make your partner happy, you dont have to.. just tell the person how happy you are with them, thus the magic will arise... stop using money as a form of love expression.. go enjoy sunset.. cook at home together and makan..... go cheap on money but rich with love...

such moments...

ps: i just think that valentines are supposed to be spent without any money, therefore happiness and love can be generated by you yourself and not your money..