Thursday, April 16, 2009


Man.. this semester i had created three short movies:
1st short movie : Moonlight Euphoria
-it was basically about a guy that took drugs for once in his life and ruined not only his life, but he also screwed up his friends life. It is just a short film (8 mins) to show that how drugs can actually change what we are in the matter of just one night. The transition of the main characters mind into his hallucinations and etc.. it's a bit "artsy-fartsy" la... thaks to the friends that helped out on this short film : Apan Zhafran, Mike Lau, Vincent Voo, Anson, Lau Yang, Benny Ng, Khor Keen Loke, Suren Karrapiah, Nisha Mohanna and Ally Tort.

2nd Short clip : Multimedia Society promotional video
a short clip me and my members decided to make in order to promote our newly established 'Multimedia Society' in hope of creating awareness amongst the students in my uni. the promotional video was shown during the 'Help Film Festival'. thanks to numerous people that made this video happen which includes : Apan Zhafran, Isabelle Lim, Eliza Wong, Jeremy, Aliyyah Nuha, Joanna James, Isaac, Sara Liyana, Rae Chong, Naim, Darimi Luc', Shari, Michelle Lee and Calvin Khong.

3rd advertisement : Tourism Malaysia advertisement
a short advertisement done for my 'Advertising' class.. this one here is the killer!! I DIDNT KNOW HOW DUMB I LOOK ON SCREEN!!! man... this one here is kinda bodo hahahaha ( i mean me inside it) the advertisement is to promote the new campaign "Visit Malaysia lah.." and it is to urge and tell the local malaysians that we caan still go for holiday during this economical recession period. a simple straight to the point ad of (1.01 mins) my team mates in this project are Sara Liyana, Jaharah Kamaruddin, and Shermaine Chan.. thanks to them in making this happen!

here's our poster for the ad campaign, nicely done by Sara!

meanwhile i have only uploaded one of these three videos, i will continue uploading when i get back later in the evening.. now i need to go for my advertising presentation for the 3rd video, "tourism Malaysia" wish me luck man......

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  1. seems that nowadays music boxes are associated with creepy situations! The dead fella is my favourite of all..he really look dead man.the songs you chose quite nostalgic, haven't heard them for a long time.