Thursday, April 16, 2009


Man.. this semester i had created three short movies:
1st short movie : Moonlight Euphoria
-it was basically about a guy that took drugs for once in his life and ruined not only his life, but he also screwed up his friends life. It is just a short film (8 mins) to show that how drugs can actually change what we are in the matter of just one night. The transition of the main characters mind into his hallucinations and etc.. it's a bit "artsy-fartsy" la... thaks to the friends that helped out on this short film : Apan Zhafran, Mike Lau, Vincent Voo, Anson, Lau Yang, Benny Ng, Khor Keen Loke, Suren Karrapiah, Nisha Mohanna and Ally Tort.

2nd Short clip : Multimedia Society promotional video
a short clip me and my members decided to make in order to promote our newly established 'Multimedia Society' in hope of creating awareness amongst the students in my uni. the promotional video was shown during the 'Help Film Festival'. thanks to numerous people that made this video happen which includes : Apan Zhafran, Isabelle Lim, Eliza Wong, Jeremy, Aliyyah Nuha, Joanna James, Isaac, Sara Liyana, Rae Chong, Naim, Darimi Luc', Shari, Michelle Lee and Calvin Khong.

3rd advertisement : Tourism Malaysia advertisement
a short advertisement done for my 'Advertising' class.. this one here is the killer!! I DIDNT KNOW HOW DUMB I LOOK ON SCREEN!!! man... this one here is kinda bodo hahahaha ( i mean me inside it) the advertisement is to promote the new campaign "Visit Malaysia lah.." and it is to urge and tell the local malaysians that we caan still go for holiday during this economical recession period. a simple straight to the point ad of (1.01 mins) my team mates in this project are Sara Liyana, Jaharah Kamaruddin, and Shermaine Chan.. thanks to them in making this happen!

here's our poster for the ad campaign, nicely done by Sara!

meanwhile i have only uploaded one of these three videos, i will continue uploading when i get back later in the evening.. now i need to go for my advertising presentation for the 3rd video, "tourism Malaysia" wish me luck man......

Sunday, April 5, 2009


If you would've understood more, if you choose to..
The ones around, plays the perfect stage...
A stage so small yet, of your own.
the world as you see, wasn't true..
the world as you see, circulates you...
what more are we, than mere specs?
mere specs, for you:
Tainted with ignorance..'
We offer our selves,
you took us for granted,
Assumed that you deserve us,
we let you be.. yet what you see in us?
fire wood, when you're cold?
as how you burned off our souls...
mildly for your comfort,
that "pitiful life" you choose to dwell in.
Stop the voices! as they continue,
shredding our hearts,
drowned away our love for you,
pierced the very souls we've left,
breaking the oars which paddles our bonds.
why do you not choose to be it?
At least you can choose to learn it..
Yet, we know you too well,
as how you display yourself higher,
expected all to understand, and in irony:
are we then.. part of your understanding?
I will worship it, if it could stop the voices.
i care less, if i spend my life in an asylum,
as long as the voices are gone,
i will treasure it:
if it could predict the future...
then it would be yours: ...
alone as you are without us...
in the corner, weeping off tears of silence...
will choose to continue your present madness..
as you choose to infect voices in our heads now..
the tears of silence will be your partner.
you can try to scream then,
only the echo of your voice you'll get... why?
for the voices have deafen those ears,
that once stood close to you..
the cries of anguish, will get no replies.
it will save you from your voices...
save you from being far away..
save you by keeping you quiet..
save you... so we can be there..
i trust you have eyes to see...
but your sight is limited to it only, eyes...
therefore we are not visible enough to you..
we are a blur to your limited vision..
as you shove us aside with your walking stick..
but yet we still hope everyday,
hope for your third eye to be opened..
your third eye...
at least once, open it to see us..
at least once, open your heart..