Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A birthday post!

This year, i had my 24th birthday, though it may not seem as a very significant age, but to me this year's birthday is very special. Why is that so?

I spent my birthday eve to have lunch with my "sisters"  JaJa binks, Sara, Shermaine and Lesley. Because Lesley will be leaving to Australia soon. we talked and we bitched and I was also interrogated, it was fun..after lunch i wanted to visit my girlfriend Emmy, but it seems that she was busy and have no time to entertain me...thus i sulked and drove home...because i have no where else to go and there is still like 5 more hours till the mamak session with my friends at bangsar later.

As usual, i was never excited to celebrate my birthdays, so no party as usual.. i went to mamak at night together with Clement, Kelly (clement's friend from singapore), Tinne, and Ridz.. it wasn't meant to be anything special at all.. just normal minum session with friends.and clement belanja me that night too...thus the night ended and i went home.. .. that was the first time i ever had a birthday with friends from college. Pretty interesting. Thanks Clement, Kelly, Ridz and Tinne!

then the next day i am suppose to meet up with Emmy at her place. but i was delayed by a few chores back home..and i arrived there during lunch time.. i was a little tired but i just wanted to see her and spend some time with her.. as i arrived at the front door i called her mobile and she came to open the door.. she greeted me with a huge smile and wished me "happy birthday" and i -was- literally happy that time..

she welcomed me into her house and i saw Leanna, Calvin, and Wei Lien there too.. apparently they are there to work on their group assignment, then i felt like i was a huge disturbance.. but later on...Emmy went into the kitchen and took out a cake for me, a "Double Chocolate Cake"...Wooowww~!! no one has ever baked something for me more less a Cake for my birthday,... the truth is, Emmy was busy getting ingredients and baking the cake for me the day before, thus she has no time and obviously do not want me to know what surprise she have for me.. i felt a strong rush of warmth in my heart that instance and was pretty stoned to react to that.. i was touched.. "she is -the one-" i told myself..

We had the cake, and an awkward "happy birthday to william" song.... but i was greatly thankful to them. She  thought that i would like to go out somewhere later in the evening but i dont need it, during that moment  her company is more than anything that i could wish to have. We spent time together that day talking and bitching about others.. i am truly glad to have her around. She made my birthday this year very special and i just doesnt know how to express my thanks to her.. "i love you Emmy and thanks for everything"

Monday, June 28, 2010

Its true

it's true that humans cannot live alone
it's true that humans need a home
yet sometimes we are forced to be away
missing home day by day

It's true that home is our sanctuary
it's true that it gives us security, infinitely
yet home is not the roof we shelter beneath
home lies within those we need

it's true that my home is in you
it's true that the heart is there too
yet being afar has drenched the sap
from the heart that was intact

It's true of what i said to you
it's true that it painted our skies blue
yet sometimes i feel alone
i wish i could be at home

it's true, as you may find it absurd 
it's true, the words that you've just heard
i know i'm not the one you wished
but i'm willing to give more than i receive

it's true..i promise you.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Count down to Musique..!

8 more days,
for us to play,
the biggest day,
with no delay,

20th.... in the Curve, PtC is gonna be faced with its very first open air gig... and  everyone is very nervous, very worried, very excited, very happy, very stoned....very hardworking...

there will be no space for relaxing nor taking a break now..

there will only be 15 minutes... and 8 more days to prepare... time is running out...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Music vs Filming

I feel very alive now... i have two of the greatest passion in my life, and actually working on to continue living in it.
Music and Filming....are two of my passion in life, thanks to my friends and family that enabled me to experience what i once dreamed of only...beyond reach. 

i have 10 more days till the gig for my band at 'The Curve'.... we are all very nervous.... and exited also.... the "fete de 'la musique" is a street music fest... and we are suppose to perform around 7-8 in the evening...haih... 10 days in counting..

Me and my friends also formed a indie-film production team of our own... we are now in the midst of constructing some major props and equipments to start our upcoming projects. Hopes are high and ideas flowed in like a rapid waterfall, we will soon start our film projects and shoot, shoot, shoot!!