Monday, January 30, 2012

i miss you very much already....

i want..

to hold you and sleep,
as i feel your breath on me,
following the rhythm of your heartbeat.

to spend all my time with you,
together running through 
this little path in life

to be there as your anchor,
giving strength and energy
when you need it most

to hold your hand,
in the white lane of flowers
exchanging the ring of life

to say i love you,
every morning, day and night
for all the beautiful things that you've given me..

wait for 5 years you shall see, the better day of sunshine and clouded skies with me.

Monday, January 16, 2012

just another weekend of sunsets, archery and DIY floor lamp :-)

 On Saturday, late afternoon: :-)
The Beautiful Woman i was with..

 the Beautiful Cape Hope we visited..

and she was really happy~

 her younger sister came along too~ ;-)

had her little drink

and there were some kids tossing stone pebbles into the sea..

 they were fishing as well..

getting on to some mischief it seems..:-)

and dawn was near..

Wei Ann found a swing~ <3

and Shirley shared the swing as well..

On Sunday morning:
we went for archery too..

she looks kinda pro... 

most certainly not a girl i wanna mess with.... ho ho ho
On Sunday Afternoon:

in the afternoon we decided to be productive..

we drove around and bought some paper cups..

we stapler them together...

there was a lot of stapling to be done...

and we made ourselves some really nice DIY floor lamps.. cool innit?!  :-)
I can say that it was a great weekend spent, and all was well with everything~! :-)
and i am signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies :-)