Sunday, November 21, 2010

it would have been nice

but since it's no longer my responsibility to make it,
i could not bother more, 
just staring back at plans i once made,
that would have been nice. :-)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

funny things come is weird ways

funny it seems that after the 48 hour film project that i was involve in, i found a heart there. I found my love for the production of short films as well as being able to get together in a group of people, discussing, giving input, reviewing and accepting each others ideas..

the fun and enjoyable times i had for the past weekend is over whelming. we all worked hard on the whole production and give it our very best in making something, creating something, giving birth to something  within the short time span of 48 hours~!!! -THAT- is actually quite impressive, if you ask me about it.

this saturday will be the screening of our film in ASWARA hall, and we are all very nervous as the results for the winners will be anounced at that time as well...i personally do not hope for any awards while joining this competition, i somehow had my fill of satisfaction during the film production process, yeah... i'm easily satisfied by it.. i love making films, literally -making- .