Saturday, January 1, 2011

a single world of thoughts.

elevation, as it creeps into the mind.
the palpation in my eyes, takes control.
a doll thats left behind, with one leg gone.
could serve no child, companion.

the world... is a big black place of gathered thoughts..
those thoughts.... were made of needle sewn remorse...

reflection, of an unwanted look in the mirror.
depression, created by pressing pen on paper.
a sentence of apology, which doesn't contains sorry
defies what it was meant to be..

the world.. is a big black place of gathered thoughts...
these thoughts.... will sometimes cause the lights going off..

Complexion, of a face that reappear everywhere.
remembrance, of experiences that was once shared.
a book thats torn, without a reader to belong.
burns itself inflame..

your not any different from all the others.
the others... have all their time to give ...................

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