Monday, January 3, 2011

an inflatable punctured heart

slowly~lifted up from the chest,
take it out, run a test..
inflate~ with your breathing air,
then give it a needle jab...

deflated~ deformed beyond compare,
leave it behind the alley, where no one would care.
abandoned~ so cold and so scared,
because no one will notice that.....

I'm an inflatable punctured heart~
just give me a chance, pick me up~
all i needed was a simple patch.....

Why am i born to be broken~
thrown away after i'm opened,
all you could do was to raise me up....

slowly~the cold crept inside,
the rain freezes me...bit-by-bit.
inflate~now i'm beyond repair,
as the sun in the morning..dries-me-up.

deflated~i am torn to pieces..
impossible to even know it's a baby
abandoned~at least it's cold no more.
warm in a hungry-..puppy's-..belly...

I'm an inflatable punctured heart~
if i was given a chance, and picked up~
given a patch by a lonely widow...

Why they wanted me broken~
after months being together, with her...
I could've been an obedient child....

I was once an inflatable punctured heart..
Maybe she was scared too from the start..
cus i saw her tears as we depart...

a song inspired by the brutality of humans abandoning newly born babies, throwing them away where 80% of them often do not survive....and more which were never found. 

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