Saturday, January 1, 2011

If tomorrow was my last.

If tomorrow was my last day,
i would take all my money,
to play all day,
not me.

Here i am, standing alone..
facing the glass,
that separates my room...
i told myself
that it's ok, and  nothing is wrong~
and deep inside, i need to be strong~

but when the blinds are open,
by the doctors glove,
the words he spoken though full of love,
cracked my head like an egg...

If tomorrow was my last day..
i wont care about my money...
i'll spend it all on my family~
making one last moment, happy...

being raised and cared,
taught on how to prepare..
the wrongs that i had done,
as a growing up son..

can never~ever be forgiven...
can never~ever be mistaken...
I'll never ~ever get to repay them.

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