Monday, January 17, 2011

plated in thin-glass

Maybe i pay too much attention of my surroundings,
that sometimes i think too much, complicate simple matters.
I am so "thoughtful" that instead of responding towards an issue,
I ended up taking too much time, judging those few miserably logic response which i have in mind.
not once, not twice.. but most of the time.
I waste not only those pathetic ticks on my clock, but i dragged the precious time spent by those who waited for me.
Thanks for all your patience as well as time spent on me~ although deep down inside you all knew that i wasn't worth it. Sorry for all the disappointments that i have given you all.. words that i used in hurting all of you, remind me with a slap the next time we meet.

I am not a depressing person, nor a drama ass-king. i am just who i am, a normal person, trying to make some sense by conversing with himself. I doubt that there would be any readers nor followers of these crap that i write.
Writing them  somehow, eases the emotional fluctuation that i face~ every now and then.

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