Monday, January 5, 2009

A wedding in Ipoh

road to ipoh

Two days ago, i went back to my peaceful hometown 'Ipoh'. the place is great after such a long gap in time from my last visit there.. Of course going back to hometown means that there is something on there, since it's not a public holiday and so forth, I went back to attend my cousin sister's "wedding".. i can't believe it.. the last i saw her she was just started to become a probation teacher and now 'married'!! Whoa... time really does flies...

The trip there was simple, first drive to sitiawan with three of my sisters (eldest,second and fifth) to meet up with my dad there, FYI my mom already in Ipoh a day earlier than our arrival to help out in those stuffs there (tradition stuffs.. she knows alot of it) . Upon arrival to Sitiawan (3 hours) my sisters straight away stop at a saloon owned by my mom's friend there to get their hair done (too complicated to explain the procedures) and they also managed to get their lil' bro's hair done as well (women are so good in compiling persuation and force together). so i got my hair done and i was not so convinced with their compliments also...

We spent a night in sitiawan and started our journey the next day at around 12.30 in the afternoon. It was a rainy day, and it some what gives a gloomy feeling to me at that time.
the rainy window pane

.. i drove with my dad alone and my sisters follow behind with another car. My dad stop us at a makan place in Ipoh which is great but i forgot to take any picture (very hungry wei..) we ate and stuff ourselves up not too full due to the upcoming wedding dinner later.

After the satisfying meal, we still manage to 'tapau' home some food, then we continue our 15 minutes journey to my auntie's house. When i reach there, i quickly became the center of interviewing ( i have been missing in action on family reunions for many-many years) unlike my sisters that often present themselves on family reunions. After being thrown by multiple sets of interview questionnaires the decided to reside and open up a table for mahjong.. good! now i can rest and play with my niece..
Mahjong time!

My sisters all started to 'makeup' and 'dressup' at 5.30.. the timing was right, women need around an hour to makeup! the dinner is at 7.00! so my sisters and other cousins filled up the makeup room. I also took the change to dressup abit. abit only...the crowded room of ladies

When we reach the restaurant.. we were the first.. of course we are there early on purpose to help sort out the places for the guests tonight.. So my mom with the list and me and my sister will be guiding guests around the hall..most of them were my relatives, and the bombarding or questions begin again.. "william..where is your girlfriend la", or "william, you've grown so tall already!" (me short ok!!) haih... the never ending river of questionsssss..... the hall of people my sixth uncle posing for a shot with my cousin sister behind

Fuss ended within the first hour then everything started to settle down on it's own.. by the time we got to our seats, the bride has begin walking in, she was beautiful. I manage to took a picture with her and also with my sisters.. this is the bride.

Me and my eldest sister

me and my fifth sister family photo 1family photo 2

The food was great and the place was cosy too,,
we enjoyed very much up till the end, and i was forced by all the relatives to sing up stage. (dam malu wei) but i did not let them down eitherway... two songs!! one chinese and one english...
and thus the night ended with great joy and happiness and both my cousin sister and her husband got my highest blessing...

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