Saturday, January 10, 2009

Games review... i'm back on the line!

Recently. i dunno why but i am starting back to heat up my PS2 with RPG games again.. i started back my FF-10 after borrowing the game from Apan (due to thee previous disk that jammed in the middle of the game) and also Graandia 3,

FF-10 is quite good with the graphics and also the new magic slot system, in which we have to gain points to unlock magic and ability slots to learn them, very unlike the previous FF-9 where we could learn magic through the usage of items and eventually learned them through a period of time, i think that by far.. the FF-9 has the easiest game play interface among all the other FF episodes, but too bad that the graphics are kind of childish (cute). And it can be considered as a game that pushed the limit of the PS1.

I think that the Slot system (grid) is basically an advanced version of the magic Materia system from FF-7, believe me.. the slot thingy was first used in FF-7. but if compared on the complexity of it, FF-7 =kindergarden grade, FF-10 = Degree.. you know what i mean....
but surprisingly in FF-12, there has been a great change and thorough remake among all the FF series, man... "where is the battle music?!" i miss the music where we win the battle everytime where the character will have their poses, 'like squal throwing his gunblade up...and etc.." and also the magic slot sytem is more simple compared to FF 10 and FF-10x2.. but among all the series.. i still prefer the battle system adn chocobo quests of FF-9, the story line of FF-8, and the characters of FF-7... haih... how nice if they create a new series of FF and compile all the different elements above..haha i'm being too selfish!

and now to the second game.. Grandia.. it is not very famous like the FF series or Dragon Quest.. but i kinda like stumbled upon the game in 2001.. it was Grandia 1, the graphic were a little 2D but the battle system was interesting, unlike FF, there is no active time system, though the time in Grandia will freeze for you to choose your moves, but during battle all the characters can simultaneously attack at the same time, the game play did not really gone through a lot of changes in Grandia 3, (i cant find Grandia 2 to play) but the story line is always about an adventurous boy that will meet up with a girl (fairy) that are supposed to be extinct... i still like it, in Grandia 3 the graphics are 3D!! wahhh... nice nice nice... this game is recommeded to RPG gamers..though it is not as advance as the FF's make up but you will enjoy your time out with it.. it also sorta adapted the FF-7's materia slot system (quite similar) and in Grandia 3, it is called Mana egg (quite kiddy) but hey! i dun care... its nice..

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