Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New year eve..!?

What does everyone do on new year? or lemme rephrase 'what does most of the people do?' When i think of it, every years new year is as boring as it can be. Everyone is looking for a not so crowded place to countdown on the upcoming year...... Bruuuhhhh.... please la... i cant truly understand how a 'human being' not to mention with rational thoughts will drive (despite the traffic) all the way to a designated spot to perform some illegal gathering (more than 20 people is considered already) just to look at a 'bigger-than-a-kancil' clock and chant together at the last ten seconds....... whats the point man.. if none have ever seen or experienced a countdown before might think that i am writing about a Cult that worship clocks on in a year for ten seconds....not to mention our infamous Ayah Pin-Pin also ended up as an occult leader because of a countdown rave-party and few big teapots at home..

Haih.... what to do la..? Malaysians normally wanna be on time also dam susah already, always with excuses "sorry wei..i late, my grandmother sick la.." or "wah!! brother.. i tell you the jam just now ah...fuck man!!" or the female version " huh? i late already??" So we basically cant blame others to think that seing a big bunch of malaysians gathered together and chant the last ten seconds of the year is some sort of occult ritual....

And whats the best thing is that the 'people' that actually goes to those places to 'countdown' only end up being jammed there for no reason, wanna sit 'also no place to sit' so dont even think about to 'shit'. the mamak surrounding the area will be packed and even K.Raju will dislocate his arm tossing 'rotis' all night. OKay if you are high class and 'standard', you dont go to mamak one! nevermind, 'starfucks' , 'Dome', and whatever classy place will be charging you like your father can print money with his butt... you basically, the time they use to get there is wwwaaaaayyyyyy longer than the time they spend there, (minus the time where they curse and curse and curse and find parking together with the time where they curse and curse and curse to get out of the parking)

Sometimes our "rakan cop" will also help out in jailing some of the idiots there ask them to naik 'Roti car' then belanja them "kanina roti" (non-related to Gardenia!) because some of our member there cannot tahan the enviroment, so they will get a prescription from another friend which is also from another friend to ease their urge.,.. "Makan Pill TIME!!" therefore we cant blame our "rakan cop" because they are doing a good job to make sure that those idiots eat something right after they have their 'medicine' (written on the plastic bag "2 kali sebelum makan")

So.. wanna go somewhere and countdown tonight? i think not....

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  1. 2nd post already damn talk kok...keep it up man. i like the cult worshiping clock for 10 seconds a year