Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Introduction of a friend/brother.

As i was writing the previous blog bout my cousins wedding , i heard a bark outside my house.. The bark of another mongreal dog strolling the streets in the night. Instantly the bark has reminded me of 'one' so close and held dearly in my heart, it was my dog "Handsome".
Though it has already been two months since his leave from this world but i guess it is more than worth mentioning in this blog of mine. For the years that we have spent together are long and the momories we shared are countless..

After the death of my dog "Handsome" it has been really hard for me since.. When there was a death in the family, everyone shares the same amount of pain, we missed his barking and also his presence.. i have not felt such pain for such a long time already. These are some of the testimonial for "Handsome"
mike: Handsome, the only dog in which i don't fear at all.
mom: He was very close to me whenever i come back. He is like my second son.
sisters: He like to lick me all the time and bark when i come back! he cannot be replaced.
me:The friend and family which i dear most in heart, he was so obedient.

During that time i believe that having a pet is such a big responsibility and i actually fear of losing them, i said to myself that i will never have a second pet again..though now i already own a guinea pig called "db" but the days have been lonely without handsome, i think that he too does not want us to be sad upon his departure to another world. It took me about 3 weeks to get over with his death, though i may seem ok but sometimes i still think that i hear "handsome" barking to me whenever i reach home.. such strange feelings, and memories of being with him seems to flash back once in a while as if it was just yesterday.. yet i know that i have to get over it. He will and always remain a good 'friend' in me, i somehow regretted not spending enough time with him when he was alive. Now i can do nothing more to repent on it..

I did not write this out to express that i am "emo", i hate the word "emo". i write this in the memory of "handsome" the best brother/pet ever! Let not cry upon his departure, smile instead that he went to a better place and hope not that he is reincarnated as a dog on the next life.
Ps: i love this dog very much...

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