Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Memories' long lost..

When i was attending my cousin sister's wedding i brought my laptop together to keep me company but the problem is my sister left the power cable of my laptop in my mom's place and i had to borrow Suren's laptop to satisfy my online needs... actually to register subjects for my new semester... then i stumble upon a file which has been lost due to my previous computer's breakdown.. "School Days"..
Man.. i was so surprised that Suren still have it in his possession.. here are a few unforgettable picture to post on...:-Me and mike vandalizin' the Dewan's white board Kumar and Loges the guys in 5Budi. our project done with the kelas khas Me and ma best buddy Suren! I was a Prefect in school ok.,. the house of rock!! me and Loges. The burger eating competition!! Suren OMG (suren's surprise party) Peace out ya'll suren.. posing in my room... hahaha

i really hope that one day we might have a reunion done.. and the memories had really faded, but again it reappeared.. such fate.. i miss those days even more...

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