Friday, August 13, 2010

i faced the truth

"truth is like fire, it never leaves anything that it touches unchanged" 

sometimes we have to learn to accept the truth as we are to live on without regrets or dismay, this i learned in an almost asphyxiating way. Yet the truth to the "whatever that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger" saying is quite true in a sense that you actually continues to live on and not linger in the past.

 Standing on a cliff that looks down on nothing but death, one gets to experience the beautifully dangerous view in return.. but with no doubt, standing on such height and such little space to balance oneself will result in nothing more than fear of dying and losing it's sight upon the cliff's beauties.. thus making us cling our gambled lives onto the cliff harder...not knowing that doing so would loosen the soils where we kept our footing on...hastening the time of death, hastening the end of the wondrous view... maybe, sometimes all it takes is just for ourselves to control our inner thought as well as to accept the past as 'the past'...

now it's time to make good use of the time there is now, and work on the amendments to preserve the cliff, build a foundation on it's footing..put on a fence so no one will fall and die. (one half of the fence has been built, now all there is to be done is to patiently hope that the other half can be completed soon before any further accidents can happen)

"to know" is for the curious, "to not know" is for those that are regrettably curious"

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