Monday, August 9, 2010

Finally..a song we can call our own.

after the long anticipation, rantings, postpones, divergence and so on... the band "PtC" has finally came out with our very own song.. title and description of the song are not to be disclosed now... Clement (le' batteur) and i burnt two days worth of midnight oil to complete it..and finally we've done it yesterday, or to be concise it's this morning 2.30 am... 
elements of composing: guitar, pencil, paper and flying cockroach'

the base line for our first song is already completed and the rest is to add in those beautiful music instruments of the other PtC bros and also a sis...lolx.. the song writing process has already completed after numeral tries and experiments, yet the lyrics is still immensely vacant for improvements.. leddy (les' claviĆ©riste) will be forced to refine and spice up the vocabs..

next on, is the anticipation to once again get back as whole.. and jamm our hearts out of our lives~! 

"Just fuck it, and do the damn thing!" - Pop The Cherry, 2009

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  1. Awesome..let me know when it's done, I probably can't watch it live, so I'll settle for the mp3. - Justin