Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Birth of a new creature.

After such long moments of awaiting for myself to get loose of all those thoughts and also doubts of having a blog, though of course i have tried once before and the blog survived for only a week! hahaha that was a part of my life where i call "laziness". This time i shall get a new beginning and also a create a part of me in this digital world.
Today is the 30th of December 2008, it is two days before new year and to bee more precise, now at this very moment i am tapping my fingers with the 'praying mantis stance' to form the words in this very passage, the time is 22:56.. the day i start my real and also hopefully 'serious-about' blog..
Thanks to Mike and also Sher in which i sometimes view their blogs that made me consider to have this created. i guess it is not the matter of just putting words and telling stories that drives us to have a blog, i guess it is the matter of recording our story, our own story.
Hopefully someday in the far future, when humans extinct and life is reborn a new, the new lifeforms may find some artifacts and records of our civilization now, learn of who we are and repeat the mistakes that we do, i guess that is why Mr. Marco Polo traveled to the corners of the world and keep on recording stuffs that he sees.. but one thing for sure, if any of the future lifeforms find this blog and considers it as a historical finding "Hahahahaha" they are screwed man!!
guess this is as much as i can say for the very first, for those that know me, i am as crappy as i can be. Even in this blog..

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