Thursday, June 10, 2010

Music vs Filming

I feel very alive now... i have two of the greatest passion in my life, and actually working on to continue living in it.
Music and Filming....are two of my passion in life, thanks to my friends and family that enabled me to experience what i once dreamed of only...beyond reach. 

i have 10 more days till the gig for my band at 'The Curve'.... we are all very nervous.... and exited also.... the "fete de 'la musique" is a street music fest... and we are suppose to perform around 7-8 in the evening...haih... 10 days in counting..

Me and my friends also formed a indie-film production team of our own... we are now in the midst of constructing some major props and equipments to start our upcoming projects. Hopes are high and ideas flowed in like a rapid waterfall, we will soon start our film projects and shoot, shoot, shoot!! 

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  1. Let me know the time and place..I come to clap for you!