Monday, June 28, 2010

Its true

it's true that humans cannot live alone
it's true that humans need a home
yet sometimes we are forced to be away
missing home day by day

It's true that home is our sanctuary
it's true that it gives us security, infinitely
yet home is not the roof we shelter beneath
home lies within those we need

it's true that my home is in you
it's true that the heart is there too
yet being afar has drenched the sap
from the heart that was intact

It's true of what i said to you
it's true that it painted our skies blue
yet sometimes i feel alone
i wish i could be at home

it's true, as you may find it absurd 
it's true, the words that you've just heard
i know i'm not the one you wished
but i'm willing to give more than i receive

it's true..i promise you.

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