Thursday, August 23, 2012

And we continued our journey along..

To the girl that I loved the most,
this is not a colgate advert~ :-)

Ms. Shirley

she seems to be thinking about something there..

the ever famous shirley picture pose "arghh~"

photo inspired by..

an attentive reader, so it seems.. haha

choo-choo train outta the book fair~

a little stroll in the park :-)

another couples camwhore..

she has the best "turn around and snap" pose <3 td="td">

someone is very happy, I wonder why..

and so it was the grape juice~ in which I don't think is tasty..sorreyy

who says you can't be purple and gorgeous?

giving me her burung antoo look. ;-)

the girl from Impanema is walking and when she passes each one she passes goes "ahhh~"

the person I cherish the most.

thus the end of our trip that day.

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