Monday, January 16, 2012

just another weekend of sunsets, archery and DIY floor lamp :-)

 On Saturday, late afternoon: :-)
The Beautiful Woman i was with..

 the Beautiful Cape Hope we visited..

and she was really happy~

 her younger sister came along too~ ;-)

had her little drink

and there were some kids tossing stone pebbles into the sea..

 they were fishing as well..

getting on to some mischief it seems..:-)

and dawn was near..

Wei Ann found a swing~ <3

and Shirley shared the swing as well..

On Sunday morning:
we went for archery too..

she looks kinda pro... 

most certainly not a girl i wanna mess with.... ho ho ho
On Sunday Afternoon:

in the afternoon we decided to be productive..

we drove around and bought some paper cups..

we stapler them together...

there was a lot of stapling to be done...

and we made ourselves some really nice DIY floor lamps.. cool innit?!  :-)
I can say that it was a great weekend spent, and all was well with everything~! :-)
and i am signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies :-)

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