Sunday, September 18, 2011

when i see it now,

i guess this is life, sometimes you are lifted up and sometimes you are being thrown down. But the thing is, i am being shot too high above the sky now~ :-)

 i've know her for 7 years in counting, often times just disturbing her and telling lame jokes to her, but deep down inside... i had a crush.. Yeah man! 7 years.... not very consistent but the crush has been alive for that long.. HAHA..
i feel like a kid now...writing these kinda things.. but i cant seem to find a better way to ease down my excitement and happiness.. i couldn't sleep yesterday night! thanks to YOU! hahaha.. 
It felt surreal, being with her and going out with her... it always does, i couldn't help but to think that way..
sometimes you ask me what am i staring at when i look at you?" well then, i was just doing a reality check there~ :-) just to see if it is really happening..<3

ps. i love you, and i am signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies.. 

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