Friday, April 22, 2011

how long has it been..

today i've read a post, a very sad post..not that i was angry or pissed with it.. i read a post that made me felt really disappointed with who i was before.. disappointed with what i've done before..  i didn't really knew that i had hurt this person so much, that i had made her cried alone in her bathroom, that i had made her heart break. I never wanted to hurt you so bad, it wasn't my intention at all...i was just an idiot. guess i wasn't matured enough to be in a relationship. But one thing that i am certain of, i never regretted meeting you in my life and i would like to say thank you very much for all that you've endured, and thank you very much for making me a better person now. :-) i now view life very were right about me. I was just too stupid to not see it clearly, now i do. thank you my friend :-) and it's good to know that you are living a happier life right now..

signing out with a better day of sunshine and clouded skies :-)

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