Thursday, February 4, 2010

black and white rainbow

once the rainbow,
was black and white,
showing itself day and night,
but not once appreciated upon sight.

a kid went by,
as the rainbow appear,
without showing sign of fear,
paddling his tricycle near and near..

what brings him here?
the rainbow thought in fear,
never before a person came near,
little he knew that the boy was sitting on the rear.

"rainbow oh rainbow,
i like your stripes,
rainbow oh rainbow,
i waited night after night."

being offered such kindred words,
the rainbow cant believe what he heard,
something too nice that he cant believe,
but yet he wished the boy wont leave..

"why hast thou reckon me in beauty?"
have you not see the colors in me?
the dull black and white is 'ugly'.
as you sure i deserve your envy?"

Looking up and baring his teeth,
a few was gone from the underneath,
but yet the rainbow recognized it,
It was a pure smile given as a gift.

the rainbow wonders deeper in thought,
figuring the reason he was not being ignored,
little that he knew that the boy felt bored,
beneath the rainbow he laid down and snored.

a sudden rush or warmth arise,
the rainbow felt this for the very first time,
couldn't process the feeling inside,
he just froze with the boy in sight.

He felt protective and useful once more,
its existence was never appreciated before,
this made the rainbow opened a door,
to accept his own beauty with great awe.

As the moment the rainbow accepted,
the inner beauty burst out cluttered,
from within it grew as the rainbow is colored,
with the beauty of seven different wonders..

none is alone in this world we live,
only those that have faith deep beneath,
will be able to live happily with it,
glowing with inner beauty that was lit.

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