Sunday, January 31, 2010

Orange peeling

one with a dozen,
a dozen for one.
I ate 12 oranges today,
different oranges in a same way.

The first was sweet,
yet too hard to peel,
like training my feet,
to walk and feel.

From the 2nd to 5th,
i slowly progress,
chewing with my teeth,
i felt i had the best.

Sudden 6th felt a lil' sour,
'Frown' formed at my first encounter,
yet i thought it'll all get better,
unknowingly i ventured deeper...

7th and 8th i peeled faster,
without effort i reached within,
yet they weren't getting any better,
from pleasure it became repeated routine.

Forcing fingers to reach 9th,
closing an eye i took the knife,
much was rumbled now in mind,
could oranges represent my life?

10th and 11th tasted bitter,
was it oranges or grapefruit i wonder?
why bother asking when the end was near?
i never thought that the truth will clear...

The final 12th i held tall,
afraid to find a taste too strong.
yet courage sliced it and shared with all ,
surprizingly "sweet!!" the others sang along~

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